Wednesday, March 30, 2016

eggs. sort of.

hey there

some rudimentary postal joy for you, look you see, with a present that arrived in the post all the way off of New Zealand, after having its origins in the Africa of the South.

what is the above? pretty much exactly what it says in the box, really - a box of 48 chocolate marshmallow eggs, and produced and sold by Beacon, one of the more respected confectioners presently operating in South Africa.

my feelings on chocolate marshmallow eggs? i do not particularly care for them as such. if i were told that i could never ever have another one, well i would just get along mighty swell with that. the remainder of my family, however, not so much. the 75% of my family that you like a whole lot more than you do like me really love these, and miss them dearly. so, it's just as well that my dear sister gets them imported off of Africa to Zealand that is new, and kindly shares them with us over here in the Land of Eng.

have i, you might well be not wondering and have no interest in the slightest at all about, been challenged to combine Boba Fett off of Space Wars with welding in recent times? why yes, as point of fact i have, and here is the spiffing video in Camcorder mode that i made of my triumph.

do not for one minute, dear reader, read into my above words anything along the lines of me being unhappy about the postal arrival. i am positively thrilled by it, and delighted by my sister's generosity. i, like you, rather like the other 75% of my family that is not me more than me, and it always, always does my heart good to see them made so very happy.

and, as i believe you may well observe or detect in the next picture, happy they are.

yes, they have gone right ahead and had at least two each. i would expect the whole box of them to be pretty much gone before long, to be honest. well, there's next to no point in saving them.

i do know, from my travels across the seas and oceans, what it is like to so sorely miss something from home. it can be small, it can be big, it doesn't matter - if you miss something then you miss it, and it's always wonderful to get the chance to experience it once again. 

thanks again, sis! lovely card, too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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