Thursday, March 24, 2016



yeah, yeah, i know. i should, look you see, be posting about how the small matter of The Stone Roses recording something in 2016, and presumably releasing it, will actually be a thing, despite #SR040316 being a red herring. i will eventually, but for now this.

today wasn't a day that i made a discovery as such, but it was a day that i remembered to take images of it. and here is the first such image.

yes, buttons on the primary command control of my vehicle. or maybe they are secondary ones, i don't know, some consider the ignition and steering more important. anyway, the discovery i made was that the button which features two rectangle things and some sort of fountain like ejaculation is, in fact, a button that controls the windscreen wipers.

the significant part of this discovery is that the top one lets you switch on the windscreen wiper that is on the back window. no, i had not used it before and no i had not worked out how to before this week. i mean, i had noticed in passing that there was a wiper on it, but i assumed it was just for show.

is, you ask, my rather smart Bowie portrait, done by my vastly talented (considerably) better half, now hanging on a wall? yes it is. and here it is again.

the rear window of a car is, to me, pointless. why would i look behind me? it's what is in front of me that matters when i am driving. oh, sure, it's nice to be able to have a bit of a gander where you are going when reversing, but ultimately it is the responsibility of anyone behind you to get out of the way when you are doing some smart backwards driving. they can, after all, see you coming.

a reasonably live picture for you of what's happening in a pub in London right now. yes, Spiros sent it on. 

for reasons i would rather not discuss here on a mostly suitable for all ages blog, Spiros does have reason to visit the gentleman's bathroom from time to time whist out and about in London, with the reason usually relating to an arranged meeting with another gentleman. who was it that Spiros was meeting tonight? i am not sure, but Spiros did mention that the gent in question was most decidedly not Jewish.

the consequence of my finding that button that makes the wiper on the back of my car work? sure, just ignore the reflection of me and concentrate on the smart half circle it makes.

that's smart, that is, and might prove to be very handy if for some reason i all of a sudden decide to start driving like a big girl and watch out for what is behind me.

beautifully perfect half circle it makes, sorry that this picture doesn't do it justice. it's like someone has put an absolutely massive protractor thing on the window, presumably from the pencil case of a giant, and traced it on the window.

 another look at the Bowie portrait, in situ so to speak, to finish off with? sure.

righty-ho, the long weekend which celebrates eggs and bunnies and sentences of crucifixion is now with us. i will be out and about, but surely i will drop in and do an update or two from time to time.

if not, and you're reading this before, have a super, awesome, eggtastic Easter.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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