Friday, March 11, 2016

the way we were

hello there

it's that time again, look you see. a time for nostalgia, for looking back, for the possible occasional linguistical rinsing within the waters of sentimental hygiene. yes, i have found a few old pictures. actually made some new pictures, but we will get to that.

and get to that we shall now. i was recently commissioned by one of my Uncles, you know which one, to resurrect my abilities concerning converting the medium of VHS to the medium of DVD. this i have got all ready to rock and roll, i am just waiting for either the Uncle who commissioned me to drop off a video machine and tapes to do or for me to remember to ask the other Uncle (no, not that one, the other) if I can have a borrow of his tapes and smart machine.

in the mean time, then, i tested the equipment as far as i could, which involved making a DVD of some of the stuff stored on my fancy DVD Recorder. he we go, then, with pictures what i made from the disc that i constructed, with the pictures made via the magic of the print screen button off of the keyboard and MS Paint.

that is indeed my (considerably) better half with young James. when i say young, i do of course mean far younger than the fact that everyone is in effect younger than they are in the present in any picture of them. here he will be about one, perhaps two but i think one.

i am quite happy with the quality of these screen grabs, in truth. to give you some perspective, the source is 20+ year old camcorder videotapes which had been used several times prior to this footage being taken on them. those tapes were the converted over to my smart DVD Recorder some 7 to 8 years ago. the DVD Recorder was then, as you are aware, shipped around the world - past obstacles like Somalian pirates and sharks - to get home with me.

all worth the effort to bring us, and indeed you, a lovely picture of James and Grandma walking around the grounds of South Fork, with Marmite in tow and an employee of Grandad doing something with a wheelbarrow.

why exactly would James' Grandad, or if you like my Dad, employ a gent to walk around with a wheelbarrow? there's 11 or so years of his adventures right here on this blog if you want to search and read them, but we've all just come to accept that he "does things like that".

actually, in this case the wheelbarrow, and the gentleman commanding it, were all related to the creation of one of several projects my Dad constructed across the grounds of South Fork. this one was a most smart water feature, which is a garden feature that has water in it.

when will my Dad stop building things? when he has rebuilt as much of the southern hemisphere as he wishes to make look as he wants. already he has engaged in extensive projects in Africa, Australia and the parts of New Zealand which are in the southern hemisphere (pretty much all of it is, i know), and it can only be a matter of time before Argentina or somewhere gets to taste his trowel, so to speak.

it feels like images of me have featured rather too often here for the tastes of most of you. in most instances of the making of the videos these images came from i was behind the camera, but there are moments when i am at the forefront, or if you like spotlight. here you go, here's one of them.

wowee, that was a smart t-shirt, and yes of course i was always intelligent enough to wear black clothes in the central part of the middle of an African summer; a phenomenon which is not strictly speaking a cold one.

yes, i am aware that you are more impressed by another look at James in that picture, but do take a moment to stare, smile, weep and behold a time when there was not a single grey hair on my head or within my beard. gone are the days, dear reader, gone are those days.

William had yet to grace us with his presence when this video was all made. this is not the case with Lyla, however, who very much was with us, as in the world, by this point in history. and here is James giving his then most relatively new cousin a once over inspection.

most of the video footage i have of James and Lyla is quite smart, so it is. mostly it features Lyla innocently grabbing and playing something, which sees James all of a sudden decide that he wishes to play with that, and so he grabs it and offers Lyla something he has no interest in as an exchange, lest he make his cousin cry.

or, as it happens, Daddy is on hand to distract Lyla with something after James had removed from her that which she was merrily busy with.

well, that's that. i would not wish to bore the causal reader with too many images, and anyway over the course of this blog there's 11 or 12 years of pictures of the family. knock yourself out!

as and when an Uncle provides me with a video and some tapes there is the threat, of course, of more screen grabs being shown here. some of them will likely feature a teenage me, and indeed a teenage me in a suit. scary, i know, but we will get through it together.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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