Wednesday, March 02, 2016

tin machine tour t-shirts

hello there

oh, great, look! you see, he's doing yet another post about that band Tin Machine. one that, lest we forget, only ever did two albums (well, plus a live one). further, it's a post on a very specific element of the Tin Machine phenomenon that i've probably covered here before.

before i begin proper, i would like to think i could make a statement along the lines of "these t-shirts are not for sale at any price". i am not sure how that would hold up to testing, though. if i got an insane, warped offer that was north of £x,xxx well, what would you do? also, you never know, one day there might be a reason or cause for me to part with them simply as it's the right thing to do.

yeah, it's my infamous, fabled and much treasured Tin Machine tour t-shirts again. folded in a way that i think means that the powers of blogger won't be upset by the inherent obscenity (in the eyes of some) imbued within them. as opposed to, say, exterior imbued, which i am pretty sure is a thing.

when did these t-shirts become mine? November 5th 1991. which, yes, was the day or if you like night that Robert Maxwell died, but that's not important right now.

of all the styles and designs of tour t-shirts they had, why did i elect to get the two most controversial ones? this was 1991, kids. i was clutching at the last remnants of my teenage years. although, in fairness, given the chance this version of me today, somewhere north of teens, would but them too.

i think it's quite nice how the ipod hides away one of the essential elements of the naughty word on that t-shirt, don't you? as for the one behind it, well, that's a statue that is, so it's not really a real, you know, thingie.

Bowie's version of the t-shirt, worn for the encore, was more awesome that the one i have. instead of the loveheart thing, it said i'm in Tin Machine, a little "hello" to his critics.

to take a brief break from all this stuff that i have done before, i know a good many of you - more than perhaps should - prefer to use me as a conduit to get news about the Bongo. well, here you go, it's undergoing a paint job.

for many, many people, i suspect, it will be a matter of delight to see that the Bongo is moving out of its legendary dark blue phase and towards a bold new odyssey of a light blue phase.

anyway, back to the Tin Machine t-shirts, and indeed the back of the statue one.

the years have not been good to the white "statue" tour t-shirt, alas. it's now more of a murky, grotty, dirty sort of yellow, i fear. that would not help the value of it even if i were to consider parting with it. i could have looked after it better, for sure, but in fairness i think i have only ever worn it twice. other than that it has, alas, been hidden away, tucked out of sight so as not to upset anyone.

in order to distract you from the full blown image that's rather smally presented here, do i have any memories of wearing the statue style t-shirt? why yes i do. i wore it to college the day after the gig, or if you like November 6 1991. a teacher, who we shall not name, took exception to it and told me off. we long since suspected, however, that she was one of them lesbian people you sometimes read about, and anyway nothing at all about her said that she would even know, let alone appreciate, what a Bowie or a Tin Machine was.

now that i have rediscovered, or if you like stumbled upon, these two t-shirts loaded with memories, what is the immediate or if you like future fate of them? as opposed to their previous fate? well, they are in a reasonable bag of plastic structure and are now hidden away in a cupboard. i will think of something or other to do with them eventually, i suppose, but not right now. i know for a fact that i won't be wearing them. other than the likelihood of them causing offence in this day and age where everyone gets offended by everything and thinks that this is something telling everyone, i very much doubt that i would fit into either.

more posts as and when stuff happens, dear reader. admittedly nothing in particular happened that compelled this post, i just felt like showing these off, or possibly showing them off once again.

thanks as ever for reading.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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