Wednesday, October 01, 2014

the Afghanistan national cricket team

hi there

well, mostly a lot of pictures with just a few words from me. i imagine these images will be of interest to a few that did a google thing, so this one's for them.

many of you will know how wonderful my Dad finds all this "dogging" business, and recall how he is usually off very early in the morning, armed only with a camera and a vague idea of what dogging actually is. as a result he frequently sees some things of interest but, quite thankfully, seldom shares them with the world.

that changed a bit today, as he saw the Afghanistan national cricket side doing some practice moves and being filmed for some sort of TV show.  here are the pics he sent.

yes, exceptionally good quality pictures Dad, many thanks. hopefully all cricket lovers, in particular the fans of the up and coming Afghan side, will appreciate them.

are Afghanistan any good at cricket? all the reports i have seen say yes, they are. capable of winning a tournament? perhaps unlikely just yet. but they should be able to hold their own against the traditional teams. England and Australia are, let us not forget, notorious for underestimating "smaller" sides.

what channel and in which country is this all being filmed for? no idea. and why is it that they are filming it in New Zealand? also no idea. they just are.

an outstanding defensive posture from that lad in the picture above. Boycott would have been proud of that, bar the fact that it might have got a slight edge, run down past slip and allowed for a single.

do i at least know who the lady coach is with them? no, i do not.

looks like a good semi-sweep shot there above, would be handy against some spin, that. not sure how much spin you can get when playing on the beach, mind.

and we are just about done with these pictures. one more.

and there we have it - hope the text was as minimal for you as i promised!

more of the usual / regular rubbish soon. no doubt!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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