Friday, September 25, 2015

the gift of a tramp

hello there

well this is somewhat unusual, look you see. Spiros suggested that i watch out for a parcel today, so i instructed my family to do that. this they did, and the suggestion of Spiros proved to be quite apt, for a parcel arrived for me.

you might assume that this parcel was off of Spiros, and that there is nothing magical or unusual in him knowing that i should watch out for one. this assumption would, as point of fact, on the whole appear to be incorrect, as the return address gives every indication that the parcel was not off of Spiros.

yes indeed folks, i would appear to have been treated to a gift parcel off of Spiros's dear mate, the tramp that mostly lives in the disused and distressed Blockbuster store down in London. well, i say dear mate, but it's more of a client-patron relationship, with the tramp doing pretty much anything Spiros can think of for the commission of £1. the time where he gave him some scissors and got him to cut hair was a particular highlight, but i think legally it's wise not to mention too much about that.

indeed i would agree, those in the know, with your observation that the tramp would appear to have the same flamboyant, sexually ambiguous style of handwriting that Spiros does, but never mind that. you want to see what was in the box, and so let's go on to aspects of highlights of just that.

the Winston Red were a particularly pleasing and welcome gift. it is with some interest that i note, too, that tramps seem to have little or no use for Cookie Crisp cereal off of Nestle, them that do the coffee and that. i happen to not mind them, and so they will be of value here. the plastic cutlery which which i may smoke the Winston and eat the cereal was a progressive and very forward thinking nice touch.

something which struck me, if not you, as interesting was that the tramp, rather like Spiros, seems to be quite a regular at Kew Gardens, and like Spiros he also rather likes taking as many of the teabags they have there as he can get into his pockets.

my Grandparents, who were the main beneficiaries when Spiros sent me some similar teabags a little while ago, will be delighted with the above. i shall be passing these ones on to them. they say that the sweet rhubarb one is exceptional, as point of fact superb, so if you happen to go past Kew Gardens yourself, please grab some and send them on to me.

there were a couple of abstract items included in the parcel, or if you like box. few were as abstract, however, as the branding or printing letters which were included. 

yes, four in all, and as you can see, i got a T, a U, a C and an N. these will undoubtedly come in very handy indeed if for some reason i need to print or otherwise brand "c nut" or perhaps "cut n" on an item or something like that.

finally (i did say i was only giving you select highlights) it would seem that at some point recently the tramp was a guest at an event hosted by someone called Jack fm, which i take to be some sort of radio station. weirdly, Spiros was also recently at an event hosted by them. perhaps they went together.

anyway, i am most impressed with this very spiffing bag from Jack fm.

i do, as i hope you do, rather like the contradiction or perhaps amusing conflict of this being labelled as "my very own Jack fm bag", only for it to have underneath it a polite request to return it to them. i will take the request to return it as a light hearted joke from them, even a bit of this "banter" perhaps, and shall of course keep it as i am sure that's what they meant.

well, that's that - something of a lovely and mostly pleasant end to the week. i anticipate being extraordinarily busy this weekend. updates over the weekend, and indeed for the week ahead, may well be scarce. i shall tell you all about it as and when it is done, or when the chance of a break allows.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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