Saturday, September 26, 2015

smart(ish) £1 finds

hello there

well, shifting about 100 boxes is, look you see, about as much fun as it sounds. this is all the more true in particular when a substantial percentage of them have been done alone, although i must stress the greatest thanks and appreciation i have for my cousin that came in to assist - nice one Robert.

whilst i am physically knacked i would appear to be a little mentally alert. the Morrissey novel is, alas, a challenge to read, so instead of having a gander at that i thought i'd rather do a minimalist sort of blog post to pass the time.

i really rather like, as regular readers will know, making frequent trips past the wonders of Pound Land. this is because, for the most part, you can get some absolutely boss things for a mere £1. an area i check daily is their DVD and CD section, for they randomly add titles to it which are, frankly, an absolute bargain and close to a steal for the fee charged. here's the three i found this week.

that, reader, is the original and proper film of The Omen, not the awful remake. yes, indeed it is a factory sealed, in a slipcase brand new blu ray i have got of it for £1.

next to it is something called The Bigfoot Tapes. i am not sure if you can make out the review of it, but it says that it made one reviewer "almost jump out of their chair". almost? not much of a horror, then. 

on the end we have another blu ray, same qualities as The Omen in terms of packaging, called Blood The Last Vampire. nope, not much idea of what it is - some "live action" version of one of them "Japanese manga" things, i think. due to my flourishing relationship with the Japanese, i thought i had better get it. plus, it has, you would think, vampires in it, and my (considerably) better half likes them.

chances of me finding the time to watch these are remote, but you never know. at the fee of £1 each, however, i wasn't going to leave them on the shelf. although, it has to be said, considering the majority of the 100 boxes (or thereabouts) i shifted today, i am beginning to appreciate that having a massive film collection does indeed have a down side.

actually, i see that the Bigfoot one is quite short. as i have a habit, if not tradition, of watching only the really, really bad films that i find on the cheap, i may well shove this one on after the rugby has finished. if i can stay awake, and mindful of yet more boxes being my future tomorrow.

anyway, if i do watch it, no doubt the obligatory review shall follow. but man my eyelids are getting as heavy as my muscles are feeling tested.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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