Thursday, September 24, 2015

another day of release

hello there

well, this is peculiar. best i start, look you see, with the "big reveal" up front for a couple of reasons. firstly, mindful of the date, some of you might have come to the peculiar conclusion that the day of release today i am all excited about is an out of character, possibly out of kilter celebration of Fifa 16. no, it isn't.

it is in fact mostly of my excitement that there was a novel released today that i was interested and intrigued about getting and reading. that would be the debut novel by Morrissey, List Of The Lost. yes, that Morrissey. i mention this now as a good many people, for either legitimate rational reasons or out of a wish to seem cool and have a false sense of purpose, dislike him a lot. if you're one of them, bye, go find a Morrissey free corner of the internet in which to dwell.

i had kind of forgotten that he mentioned / mused something about turning out a novel, but was reminded a week or so ago in passing. yes, as a fan of his music and an advocate of his will, whim and right to speak his mind - whether i agree with what he says or not - i am keen to see what this is like.

i did indeed take advantage of Waterstone's kind offer of buying one novel and getting another at half price to obtain something called After The Crash, which sounds interesting.

more of Morrissey, and this day of release, as we go, but let me mix it up a bit for you with things of other stuffs in the earnest hope, if not wish, that i provide some interest and amusement to the Morrissey haters who are, for some reason, still reading this. 

this morning i remembered to have a quick check on my most recent pension fund investment,  and it is just as well i did. in a rare set of circumstance, it transpired that i was entitled to a dividend from one of my portfolios.

not, admittedly, the greatest or most impressive dividend ever paid out on a pension fund portfolio, but the real term return of £5.60 on a £2 policy isn't a complete disaster. it allowed me, for instance, to reinvest on a further two pension fund policies, one of which is due to mature on Friday night and the other on Saturday night, and with the change from that i was able to get a discount of some 38% on a sticky toffee pudding, one of the more essential items one needs to consider obtaining as and when they have a pension fund payout to play with.

should i get the higher end pay out of one of my pension fund pay outs, will i also share an image of it here, along with the news of my investment gaining a return? ha ha, f*** off, don't be silly. i will be too busy stuffing as many banknotes as i can into a briefcase, finding the nearest pimp, giving it to him and saying i want that much in prostitutes and i want the change in cocaine.

that's not really the sort of thing Morrissey would do, i suppose, which is my cue to return to him. is it at all normal to release a new book on a Thursday? i don't know, really. it would certainly seem to be "normal" to release footballing computer games on this day.

i am going to assume that Thursdays are not a standard day for book releases as the window display off of Waterstones had not changed from earlier in the week. which meant that the fact that Morrissey was available was not advertised to passing members of the gentry, or the ladies for that matter.

yeah, i am pretty tired of Sir Alex Ferguson issuing autobiographies now, too. this is, what, his third? as for other books on display here, the only thing i can really tell you about is that new volume of the adventure of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and what i can tell you of that is here.

i suspect there's some sort of law that prevents  books from changing their displays more than once a week. it is, after all, in the very best interests of the government - any government - to ensure that the masses taste as little education or intellectual endeavours as possible. banning book shops from changing their displays more than once a week is quite like hiding cigarettes behind massive steel shutters - if the people cannot see them, then they shall remain ignorant to them.

meanwhile, once again away from Morrissey (since we seem to be anyway), i saw, if not observed, this on my travels during the day today.

one must be mindful not to pour scorn on the ambition of others, for doing so acts as a barrier that prevents others from trying to achieve new, great things. i do, however, fail to see how putting a sticker on a wall, writing "POWER SOCKET HERE" and drawing a Derek Bowie Aladdin Sane era lightning bolt on it is going to either work to magically make power turn up, or convince anyone that it has.

wouldn't it be great if the world worked like that, though? i mean, being able to write something down and then it happens or comes into being would be awesome, man. 

around the corner off of the window display at Waterstones is a view of what is going on inside the store itself. i decided to have a bit of a gander to see if there was any sign of the Morrissey novel on display inside. if i didn't, it could have been the case that i wasted some of my lunch break off of verk walking up to see.

here, then, is what i saw.

yep, as you know anyway since i got it, it was there on proud display. that column of orange you can see, central in the picture, is the proud posed launch of the debut novel by him off of The Smiths. i then made a solemn pledge or vow, to myself of course because not many others speak to me, to return there when an official break provided sufficient time for me to get there, purchase and get back to verk without getting knacked (rightly) for being late.

the branch of Greggs you see pictured there is, as point of fact, one of two that i use on an ad hoc basis to obtain lunch from. i quite like going to Greggs for lunch. the food is somewhat so-so, but the ladies who work there address me with terms of affection, such as "sweetheart", "love", "darling" and so forth. kind terms that, every now and then, make one feel not so isolated as they are.

the chap who served me in Waterstones was also jolly decent and civil, but did not address me in tones or ways that one would interpret as homoerotic.

he was, however, rather excited about me purchasing the Morrissey novel. to this end, he engaged me in a conversation of how it had in fact only arrived for sale today, and clearly a few copies had already been sold, looking at the uneven, unbalanced number of copies of the novel on the shelves.

the gent was also enthusiastic about my decision to purchase this After The Crash business. he had read the hardback earlier in the year and said, for him, it was thus far the best novel he had read this year. i countered this with my opinion that, thus far, the magnificent novel The Girl On The Train was the best i had read. this reminded him that he had it sat at home and had not gotten around to it. i urge him, like i do you, to read it and enjoy how magnificent it is. as eager as i am not to pre-judge such things, i would give strong suggestion to you to read it before the film version turns up. why? it's a distinctly English story and features the English way of doing things, but this has not, it would seem, stopped them moving the whole thing over to an American setting for the motion picture. oh dear.

so, Morrissey's novel. no, i have not started reading it yet. i am planning on starting that tonight, and could finish it quite soon, looking at it not being the longest novel i've ever bought. my anticipation and excitement has, to be truthful, being tainted somewhat by the massive outpouring of scorn, hatred and contempt thrown at it - nobody that claims to have read it seems to like it. it's tough, of course, to tell the legitimate poor reviews apart from those who just like to bash Morrissey because they think it will impress people on that Twerker or Snap Face Chat Book thing. to that, well, i can only imagine that it gives Morrissey a thrill that, after all these years, people still walk around believing it makes them cool and interesting to refer to him as a twat.

anyway, off to do all the things i would normally do on an evening, which isn't very exciting, and then on to bed to start reading this novel.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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