Tuesday, September 15, 2015


hello there

i had one of those funny peculiar incidents last night. those ones that come along not so often, but tend to linger and remain with you for quite some time afterwards. i was, to my knowledge, contentedly asleep when i woke up not so much with a startle as it was one of those sudden instances.

such events are not uncommon where one is having a dream which abruptly ends with a shock, be it the sensation of falling or other such danger. this was not the case, however. i woke up with a peculiar sense of harmony, sate perhaps, indeed comfort if you like. i could remember of what it was that i dreamt, but i could smile as i felt the memories of it fall away, moment by moment. i cannot recall a single thing of it further, bar recalling the odd sensation. except that i also felt compelled to write all of this, which in fairness might say much of the sad state of affairs of my life and doing this blog more than anything else.

it tends to be a widely accepted principle of both psychology and biology that it is impossible for us simple humans to remember much of anything that happens to us for the first two years of our lives. the synapse and things like that, or whatever they are called (i really don't care; i just got excited about the word "synapse"), don't connect or work properly or something until we develop whatever it is after 24 months. i've always rather preferred to think that this is because when we start life we are connected to what some might refer to as a guardian angel, or guardian angels; some sort of link to a kind of spirit if not sense of guidance as we make our way towards walking.

if by some fluked stroke i am right about the above, maybe they don't go away when we hit two or whatever, we just simply get distracted by all that other cool stuff. perhaps they linger, and no for what reason i would not know. all i know is for some reason i felt compelled, indeed obliged, to remember to write this.

anyway, look you see, i doubt very much you come here for all this existential, philosophical nonsense, instead preferring (for some reason) my more regular brand of nonsense. so let's get to it.

i strolled past HMV today with a very specific purpose. that purpose was to inspect their new release section, to observe if Duran Duran had been given a decent amount of respect by the store, what with Duran Duran electing to both record and release a new album.

nope, it was simply shoved wherever it might fit at the bottom of a rack, concealed to the extent that i only found it on my second look at the display. my first at a glance look didn't see it, so i simply assumed that HMV had now so far removed itself from music that they did not bother with this one.

at this particular juncture of my life throwing money at Duran Duran on a whim in the hope that they might have done something decent is simply not viable, in particular at this sort of pricing. an extra £5, for instance, for all of three more tracks? i elected to give it a spin at verk on that Spotify thing, then.

it was, alas, proven to be the case that i was rather wise in not investing in this record. as in, sadly, it's just awful. i think i lasted to track 8 or 9 and then had to turn it off. the only way i can think to describe it is as it being them sounding like an irrelevant parody, almost as if they are guesting on the works of others "for a laugh" with them being very much the butt of the jokes. sad and disappointing.

rather be good to yourself, boys - simply tour the greatest hits every few years and make coins of money off the songs you and the fans love. but don't do this again, please.

other than that, the only thing that i can think of which has any particular consequence would be a strange thing which i observed in bathroom, or if you like lavatory facility, earlier in the week.

yes, that is indeed tow of them Caffe Nero cups put together and abandoned. i had no wish to have a closer look at all, but from what i could tell both were quite empty, dear reader.

questions. that's what this cup combination suggests. why would a gent have two small cups of coffee? i mean, why not just buy a bigger size, assuming that Caffe Nero does a bigger size? it is, i suppose, theoretically possible that there were two cups because two people had Caffe Nero, but i cannot think of any good reason at all as to why two men would be in a lavatory together,or at least not one that would involve drinking coffee.

my understanding of Caffe Nero, and i appreciate that this leaves me open to accusations (perhaps further) of some sort of latent sexism, is that it is exclusively for girls. Spiros, at the least, assures me that no "proper man" (whatever that is) would willingly give their patron to the place, and he told me that on the basis of several adventures he has had in one of their facilities.

if something of actual interest happens i shall do my best to record it and present it here, but for the mean time i suppose this shall do as a means of keeping things ticking over here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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