Wednesday, September 23, 2015

the impossible button

hello there

the margin for fun whilst driving in England is, look you see, somewhat limited. this is due to a fundamental lack of progressive laws that would open up things - you know, mix it up a bit - to allow a driver to wile away the boredom. you are encouraged, for instance, under threat of sanction by law, to not only stick to your allocated side of the road, but also to keep on the road. driving on pavements is, i believe, frowned upon.

driver entertainment, then, is limited to merely driving in a responsible, legal, safe way. that is pretty much as dull as it sounds, but it's not all bad. there are, as it turns out, plenty of buttons in a modern car that one may fiddle with to pass the time. there is, after all, only so much entertainment to be had watching other motorists get out of your way.

like, for instance, these buttons which i noticed today. they are, it would appear, conveniently located just above the CD player. the one on the left, that's the left where the one looks a bit like a game controller direction pad, allows you to adjust them superfluous mirrors which are on the side of the car for no apparent reason. i've never understood the obsession some have with looking behind them as they drive; the only thing you need to look at from time to time is what's in front of you, just to make sure people are getting out of the way in which you clearly intend to go. the one on the right is cut off a bit, but it seems to be one that activates a massive hook that picks your car up. i cannot think of a practical use for this but i do look forward to engaging it at some point.

it's the middle one that i found to be particularly entertaining today. looking at it i assumed it was some sort of seance device, as the graphic depicts what would seem to be simplified spirits rising so that they may communicate with us. as it turns out, this is a button which activates magic that demists the windows in the car.

this was particularly handy today, as it was a trifle cold and the windows were rather difficult to gaze through. difficult as in the first half of my journey today was quite tricky and involved even more guesswork than usual. the second half, after i pressed the button, was conducted with relative viewing ease.

now that i've had a bit of a gander i see there are a few more buttons i can press. i'm quite excited to see what they all do, really, but i am not going to spoil the fun by pressing them all at once.  in the mean time, though, here you go, Candy Crush Saga enthusiasts.

yes, that's right, i finished the so-called hard man level off of the game. it was not, in truth, all that difficult; for it was just a matter of getting the correct colour combinations aligned. like, totes simples, really.

as and when i find anything else exciting that buttons in my car do, i will surely take some images of it and post them here. until then, then.......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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