Friday, September 18, 2015

and in at number 5..........

hello there

i felt, mostly as i remembered it, look you see, compelled to do a follow up bit to a blog post from as far away ago as a few days. it was the one about Duran Duran getting back into the charts with Rio via, i suspect, selling it for a week for 99p. you can, if interested, read all of that one by clicking here if you haven't done so and are for some reason interested.

as friday, or if you like the day of fri, is for some reason now the day that charts are released, i decided to have a bit of a gander. indeed it is the case that Rio has fallen out of the Top 40, which would suggest my theory about pricing it the way they did for a week was the sole reason for enough sales to chart it again.

applause, though, to the Duran of Duran for getting in at number 5 with the new, awful record.

i quite like a bit of Stereophonics, as it happens. let me see if i can find somewhere on this "streaming" business stuff to give it a listen to before pursuing a purchase. and no, much like the Noel Gallagher one from earlier in the year, my mind has not changed - i don't care how much i like the band, if they release a really bad album i'm no longer buying it out of a sense of obligation.

so, what's the lesson here? it would seem that any band or musician with an absolutely massive ego - yet one which is easily bruised - could quite easily get themselves some love and some press via "unexpected" chart position. take a classic album, one that you've already milked millions off of, shove it out on Google or whatever for a week at 99p (or £1.99 even), sit back and watch what happens.

i trust this of use to some rock star that's reading this whilst say on an absolutely enormous mountain of cocaine and groupies. note i didn't explicitly name David Lee Roth, but it would make my life have some meaning if it was him reading this.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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