Friday, September 11, 2015

The Girl in the Spider's Web

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another one of them sort of guest post things for you, look you see, although not quite of the same nature as the one what Spiros did recent and, for some reason, many of you seem to like.

my (considerably) better half recently read the novel, as the title of this post suggests, The Girl In The Spider's Web, which is a novel that picks up on and continues the tale of the (surviving) characters off of them Girl With The Dragon Tattoo novels.

my feelings on the Svenska film adaptations are well known and i never read the books (i still cannot believe that my (considerably) better half gave these novels to my Mum to read and i am not at all surprised my Mum returned them unfinished and was left somewhat distressed by the experience). many of you did, however, and liked them more than i did. to that end, i asked for my (considerably) better half to share some thoughts and info on them for you, the people, to consider if you are thinking of reading. her answers for you, the people, are in italics, then, and for the most part i have quoted her accurately.


an autistic boy's father is an AI software developer. his computer gets hacked, and he believes his software has been stolen. he calls in Lisbeth Salander [the if you like hero if not protagonist of the original novels] to investigate, on the strict condition that she does not pursue or engage in interaction with the hacker thief.

i read the original novels. does the new author carry on in the same style?

yes. the novel is true to the original characters and narrative style.

i only saw the three Svenska films, dubbed into English and starring her off of Prometheus and that other thing what she did recently with Gary Oldman and him off of the new Mad Max and that one Batman film that didn't have the Joker in it or, to tell the truth, that much Batman. will this novel make sense to me?

 yes. the Swedish film adaptations were faithful as far as an adaptation can be to a book and this flows perfectly on from the conclusion of those films.

i really, really like Daniel Craig. as such i live in some sort of desolate cultural void where the only artistic statements i engage in are ones which have Daniel Craig in them. as a consequence, i have only seen The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, as they have not yet adapted the other novels into films what have Daniel Craig in them. if i break my "only Daniel Craig" frontier and read this, will it make sense?
yes. there's a brilliant synopsis at the start that covers the three novels. that would mean spoilers for the other two novels, but then again reading the 4th one in itself is a spoiler action for parts 2 and 3.

is the novel any good?

yes, awesome - believable in universe, does 3 original novels justice.

in respect of that last point, methinks that my (considerably) better half is understating things and does not do the apparent quality of the novel justice. i can confirm that she spent an entire weekend reading it and finishing it, electing not to do any sort of "wifey" things, be they about my person or around the house. so it must have been good.

will i ever read the novel myself? it is unlikely. i sat through the three film versions, so to spend what little reading time i have reading novels that i am rather familiar with does not make much sense.

that said, if it were not for the large mountain of books i have stockpiled to read i would be sorely tempted to read this one, going on how engrossed and addicted to it my (considerably) better half became.

there is, you would think, little or nothing else i can really bring to this blog post, except to say a big thanks indeed to my (considerably) better half for answering the questions that i had so that you, the people, may make a more informed decision about whether or not you decide to read this novel.

the next blog post shall, you would think, feature less books. i have no idea what it will feature, but i cannot see it being more books.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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