Monday, September 21, 2015

the hard man of candy crush saga

hello there

well, as it happens, i half expected to be rather stiff and sore this evening, grasping randomly at my sides and saying "ow, ow, my liver, my liver", or whatever organ it is when you shift heavy boxes around. alas no, look you see, i didn't do that, so here's something of a "bonus post".

as we seem to have  somewhat better internet than we had yesterday (a nice young lad in India, of all places, spent some fifty minutes explaining to my (considerably) better half how she may change the frequency of it, or something), i took to the joys of Candy Crush Saga to wile away a few moments. whilst doing so, i observed a not really subtle change to the layout.

yeah, that's right, they have added the words "hard level" to levels which are, you would think, quite difficult.

i'm not sure why they have done this. my best guess is that as you can hand over coins of money to them to play the game, that is if you are a simpleton and cannot be content with the fact that it is free, they are in some way liable to warn you if you have just paid over some coins of money to play a difficult level.

it is as it happens, a rather challenging level. i've had two goes at it and have not beaten it. at that stage i elected to rather leave it alone, instead opting to write all about the strange, unusual, new and peculiar warning they have added to the game. i think it's this kind of change that is supposed to see one "break the internet", but for me it's exciting if just two or three people read it and go "oh" or something.

i'd love to get together with Spiros and discuss this, but he doesn't play games. he is too busy going out drinking cider and starting fights with TfL employees and taxi drivers. Spiros points out that he didn't really play many games as he was growing up, as he wasn't socially inept and was quite good with girls. this has translated, of course, to him being really quite good with the gents of late.

i bet Lindsey Buckingham off of Fleetwood Mac plays Candy Crush Saga a lot these days, as well as doing yoga and all that sort of thing. meditation, maybe.

Lindsey Buckingham off of the 70s, specifically 1977 as pictured here, had the most awesome life ever. he had people running around with bags full of cocaine for his use, he had stacks of groupies and band members to engage in sexual activities with, and he wrote some damned amazing tunes, man. also, he could have massive mentalist afro hair and wear an Hawaiian shirt and get applauded for it. i can't do any of that.

nowadays he dresses like a businessman and probably does all that "my body is a temple" stuff; looking after his health and not getting himself involved with any of that sort of thing. it's a bit of a shame, really, but the true tragedy is not so much that he doesn't do it, it's rather than none of the so-called musicians of today do it. i mean, that dickhead, him off of Glastonbury that claimed to be the world's greatest rock star, gets as wild as releasing a range of really bland clothes and getting that really, really thick but all the same tres rich woman pregnant, has probably never crashed a car into a pool or thrown a tele out of a hotel room. i would say he's probably never had sex with a member of his band, but as far as i can ascertain he is a solo act and all the comments and reviews i have seen of him actually suggest he is, then, rather prolific about sex with members of his band.

i seem to have got a bit distracted from the changes they have made to Candy Crush Saga. oh well.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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