Thursday, September 10, 2015

potty time with Spiros

hello there

well, it has happened again. just as i pondered the fact that i, look you see, seemed to have nothing of interest or consequence to post here, my phone started pinging away and.....i was, in a sense, still bereft of anything of interest or consequence to post here. that said, Spiros took the time and trouble to send me some pictures and seeing as some of you like his adventures, here is what he sent.

i do appreciate that most of you much prefer Spiros when he is in fighting mode, taking on black cab drivers and TfL employees bare handed. for the most part, alas, this isn't one of those posts and he was, as far as certain lifestyle choices go at the least, reasonably well behaved.

Spiros, it seems, was at something of a loss as to what to do with his afternoon. to resolve this he decided to do what any gent in London would do - take a tour of key and significant public restroom facilities in order that he may engage in interactions with minor male celebrities.

his first point of call, as would be perfectly natural for any gent that had the same ambitions and designs as Spiros, was the bathroom facilities on the outskirts of something called Monument Station. i have never heard of any such place as Monument Station, so i shall assume that he has just made it up and it is in fact code for something.

did Spiros meet any gents, or minor male celebrities, whilst there? he didn't say. not helping, of course, is the fact that public opinion has swayed very firmly against people taking pictures of people in the bathroom and sharing them amongst friends and total strangers on the internet. it's rather sad that with the mood and values of people today it is no longer possible for such pictures, ones that usually have a 50% permission to publish status from the chap in or taking them, to be taken and forwarded on.

it wasn't all the glamour and excitement of bathrooms for Spiros today. far from it, in fact. he needed, after all, to be able to move from bathroom to bathroom as part of his quest, and so elected to use public transport. this was wise, as most of them stop quite close to restroom facilities, and anyway he is now pretty much banned from every single Hackney carriage within the borders of the 020 dialling code.

it was whilst on one of them bus or train things that he got to see this. 

that right there is a live action shot of someone getting arrested. well, it was live when it was taken, and there was quite a lot of action.

why was the chap getting arrested? apparently he did not have one of them special tickets or cards that you have to have in order to be allowed to make use of the smart public transport they have in that there London place. i have such a card, it's boss it is. but this bloke didn't, hence him getting arrested. Spiros reckons he was a Polish chap, but i wouldn't necessarily trust the Spiros verdict on where a gent comes from. when he meets a man, usually he asks less of where he is from but if he is, so to speak, going to go his way.

Spiros also reckons that the chap, presumably of some sort of European extraction, was led away by the TfL police in order that they might give him a right good kicking away from the eyes of witnesses who may misinterpret and misunderstand the kicking and report it as abuse of power. it is the case that Spiros has some fairly firm views on what should happen to fare dodgers, and all of them involve the dodger getting a really rather good kicking for their cheek.

any other bathrooms that Spiros visited? why yes. he reckons this one is located in a place called Pudding Lane. i have not heard of it, so i shall take it as a given that it is another place name that he has made up, probably as some sort of euphemism, looking at it.

again, he gave no clear indication at all as to whether or not he met anyone of consequence or interest whilst making use of this bathroom. i can only hope, indeed trust, that he did.

has Boris started making people, in particular the gentry, pay 50p every time they need to go make a potty? and why am i asking you? if Boris has in fact done that, well that would be at least £1 Spiros has spent today as part of his adventure. i can assure you he will have extracted his money's worth out of it.

there is every chance that the next post shall be book reviews, should i clear the last 30 or so pages of the novel i am presently busy with later on this evening. until then, then.....

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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