Monday, September 28, 2015

nothing happened today

hi there

not a great deal at all happened today, dear reader, or far from that, depending how you look at it, look you see. anyway, as i still have the connectivity of the internet, or if you like internet connectivity, i thought i'd best use it and post some stuffs of information for you about not much in particular.

first off, as a key part of nothing happening today, it transpired that i required some paper to do some fancy printing on. normally this is not a problem, as i buy some bundles of 80 or 100 pages of the stuff from Pound Land for, well, a pound. sterling, no less.sure, the paper is so coarse and crude that it's of a poor quality, but you have to remember that Pound Land believe it is suitable for use, and i have no grounds at all to argue with them on quality.

forces conspired somewhat against me, alas. i have not bought some smart paper off of Pound Land for a while, and as it happens the 75% of my family you all like more than me elected to use what i had left of the last purchase to make some (admittedly quite smart) paper aeroplanes with.

quite fortunate, then, dear reader, that my work in clearing storage, as it were, happened when it did.

yeah, dear reader, or if you like yeah, b!tches (sorry), that;s some grade a, high quality sappi paper, all the way from South Africa. well, two years ago i packed up my entire study as part of the home to move back home, and whatever office supplies i had ended up packed too. just as well, as it happens.

i know you are all excited about reading of paper, in particular paper imported from South Africa for little or no apparent reason, but let's take a break. i am, firstly, really sorry for the quality of this next picture. it was taken in something of a rush when i heard what i heard on the TV.

what i heard on the TV, as is so often the case of a weekend, was Jim Bowen giving a run down on the prizes lucky contestants could win on Bullseye. well, could and did win some 30 years ago. your attention is drawn to the small thing at the bottom centre of this image.

what is it? that, my friends is what no less a person than Jim Bowen described as being a "computer watch". oh yeah, that's right. a computer watch from the 80s. that is some 30 years before Apple claimed to have invented the computer watch, and as a bookend some 30 years after the creators of Dick Tracy comics invented it so that Tracy, or if you like Dick, may keep in contact with whoever the hell it was that he kept in contact with. sorry, all i can think of is Warren Beatty in a bad suit and an awful Madonna song.

during the course of nothing else happening today, what else happened? i was propositioned by Mark, a gent who i am proud to refer to as a friend and colleague and who, despite clearly being intelligent to know better, reads this from time to time. on that note, hello mate. anyway, Mark made a request of me to procure for him three tins of the finest grape juice known to man. only a specific store, the prestige of B & M, stocks this stuff.

as it suited me to go there, i accepted his proposition. and why did it suit me to go there? screws. 

soon, dear reader, soon. i shall soon be reassembling all sorts of things, such as TV stands and desks and, well, TV stands and desk. oh yeah, and a bed. i have a suspicion, if not inkling, that the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) screws may have not fared quite as well as this paper on the disassembly, packing and shipping of such things. as point of fact i seem to have a recollection of uttering something along the lines of "f*** it i will get some new screws in England" as a few rolled away when i took the stand off of a TV.

will these screws be useful, in as far as are any of the assorted sizes going to be correct for what i need them to do? who cares? look at the price, man. that's a pound for them, they are professional quality and it includes a storage box. bonza at that price. if to use them it means i need to take a drill to a TV set then so be it; it shall not be the first time and i highly doubt it shall be the last.

back, in conclusion then, to the paper. i had never had reason before now to look at the back of these reams of paper. i didn't really have reason today either, i just glanced at it and noticed. it is with interest that i noticed that the back seems to have instructions on how to use paper.

that's pretty, yeah, well, that's something, man. instructions on how to use paper? methinks, and i concede if not yield that i may be being judgemental here, that if one requires instructions on how to use paper, perhaps they need to ask of themselves, or an appropriate member of the community, what it is they are doing buying paper?

it could, you know, have turned out to be both prudent and wise, me bringing paper to England from South Africa. they are mad keen, like totes on banning things here in England. if you, wherever you are in the world now, think that you are living in a "nanny state", i would encourage you to spend some time here and see what such a state of being wet nursed and regulated with laws and controls is all about. sometimes it's amusing but mostly it's just a pain. anyway, as i think you have worked out, my point is that i could well have returned to England and discovered that they had banned paper that people may write and print on, so as to further limit the freedom of thought and the expression of ideas. this would not be, going on a few things i have read, not be entirely all bad, but i am glad that it is not in fact the case.

anyway, that's nothing for you. there is every chance that tomorrow is the last time i shall be able to connect with ease for a few days. there might be one or two updates before the transfer of lines and all that stuff, but in the mean time, rest assured i will be back, and in the absence of new rubbish here why not browse through the old rubbish. there's 11 or so years of this on the menu to the side; tuck in, enjoy.

and, as ever, many thanks for reading.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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