Monday, September 28, 2015

the incredible promotion and facebook breaks

hi there

yes, look you see, two posts in one day. although this one is, so to speak, a quickie.

first off, one of them incredible stories from the world of football that explains why exactly the world loves football so dearly. Tauranga City United, they of New Zealand - the only nation to finish the 2010 World Cup undefeated (before you get uppity, go check how eventual winners Spain did in their first group match, under observation off of Sepp) - were close to promotion. they "only" had to win their last game 4-0 to achieve it. did they do it?

but of course. you can read all about it here, and you may note with interest the name of the photographer behind the above and other pictures on the report. actually, very familiar if you are part of the people at verk who for some reason insist on calling me Bob, rather than that actual name of mine which I have used for some 40 odd years. go figure, but i leave them to it.

other than that, yes, at 8pm UK time on Monday 28 September 2015, facebook was indeed broken for everyone, not just you.

the people who run it and that make an awful lot of money from doing so, so i would suggest don't worry, they will get it fixed eventually.

nice one Tauranga City, and those are some very smart pictures, Dad!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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