Monday, September 28, 2015

unless i am quite mistaken....

hi there

perhaps there was legislation or something to this effect and i missed it. i do not, look you see, keep all that abreast of what laws and amendments to rules they make in government; they are busy people and i just leave them to it. anyway, it seems that someone somewhere has made a decision that being a particularly special kind of d!ckhead is now classified as a real disability.

why else would someone with no apparent disabilities park in a disabled bay?

as you can see right there, this image featured in what is apparently the intelligent tabloid, the Sunday Mirror, so there's a link as way of attribution, credit, etc. i am sure it's been repeated around the world on the internet by now anyhow.

i really don't see how being the only person ever to be stripped of the England captaincy twice, as humiliating as it is, can be classified as a disability. i mean, sure, his interpretation of a Judge saying "unfortunately found not guilty due to a lack of a direct witness" as being "completely cleared in a court of law" suggests he doesn't have as many high ranking O Levels as you or i, but you can't go around calling people disabled because of that; it's not right.

well, i am sure the kebab or whatever it was he got off of the chemist was quite essential to him as he comes to terms with whatever disability it is that he has been diagnosed as having.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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