Saturday, September 12, 2015

twats of the tesco trolley return park

hi there

out there in the world - the world in which you and i dwell, dear reader - there are any number of people who are comfortable with the phrase "hanging is too good for them" being used to discuss certain reprobates, villains and other unsavoury types. i do not, look you see, have the specific statistics, but in all likelihood there is every chance that you have at some stage of your life been in the presence of someone of this thinking, even if they did not utter the phrase in your presence.

i wouldn't consider myself either expert or proficient (nobody can prove anything in respect of the latter) in the wiles and ways of means of execution, but nothing strikes me as being at all good in regards of hanging. from what i gather the action of strangulation and your neck bones, or whatever the "proper" word is for the bones in your neck (ask some poncy medical student), snapping sounds rather frightful. also, i believe you lose control over the flow of any fluid you care to name when you are hung, but i suppose one would not be too concerned with making a disgrace of themselves in these circumstances due to them being either dead or very, very close indeed to that state.

it would be fair to suggest that my own view is that hanging is not "too good" for any sort of member of the criminal class. should it be widely used to punish the guilty, it would strike me as being sufficiently painful, barbaric and conclusive enough to serve as a suitable punishment for every crime you care to sentence it in regards of. well, except maybe for them students who steal both oxygen and space by blocking the way in Burger King, standing as they do covered in musical instruments and computer bags, apparently unable to decide with ease what from the limited menu they want and not having the sense to simply vacate the premises in order that normal, decent and proper people may get on with having lunch.

also the villainous scum that do this would probably benefit from getting a far more brutal punishment as their reward for their efforts.

you are indeed seeing what you believe you are seeing, even though you cannot believe it. elements of scum, for let us not mince words here, have taken the time to attach the incorrect form of trolley to the end of the chain where one returns their trolley too, making it impossible for anyone else to return their trolley to the designated area in the prescribed way.

in most cases, as you are no doubt currently contemplating, this would not be an issue. at virtually any other shopping centre, the trolley return section being made difficult or troublesome to access would simply see a patron ditch their trolley into a nearby hedge instead, or otherwise send it off rolling down the roads of the car park, where an approaching car or other vehicle would serve as a buffer to bring its journey to an eventual end. but this is not a normal shopping outlet, it is Tesco.

Tesco are, in many respects, the last bastion of capitalist pig dogma operating today. they remain alone in their determination to insist on a deposit of a £1 coin for you to make use of their trolleys, except for any other store that might still be doing this. to this end, one has to return the trolley to Tesco in the way they want, otherwise one is down £1 on the deal.

i'm uncertain of the current values of used metal, coasters and branded plastic, but i would have thought that the trolley is worth a good deal more than the £1 valuation Tesco has placed on it. it might well be the case that it is financially more viable just to retain the trolley a seek a healthy return on the £1 you paid on it by selling it on to an interested party.  i would not do such a thing, however, in particular not when, according to the tape measure i just happened to have on me, the trolley would not fit in my car.

not that i blame Tesco for this travesty. well, actually, i do if it turns out to be the case that it was one of their legion of "trolley attendant" staff that did this, or just ignored a group of lags, hoodlums or other such rubbish engaging in this action. just who is it that is on one side so bored that they seek stimulation in a car park and is inspired only as far as making obstructive changes to the way in which trolleys are placed and parked?

although, now that i think, Tesco are at fault for providing a choice of two types of trolley. if there was but one to select from, then this mixed combination would theoretically be impossible. weep not, then, when you learn of Tesco's next fall in value and profit - they are the architects of their own undoing by virtue of fannying about spending money on different types of trolley.

should it be the case that over the next few days you read a news periodical and learn of a fabulous public show trial which was held and saw one or more persons sentenced to death by hanging for their crimes of improper trolley return, it could well be that instinctively you think the matter was dealt with somewhat harshly and a little barbaric in nature. should this happen, and i do indeed have stamps and the address of an MP, i would like you to consider the hardship and plight i endured in having to go to another trolley return section in order to both return the trolley and reclaim my £1. their hanging would not undo my suffering or torment, but news of it might make me feel somewhat better about it.

is hanging too good a punishment for some? perhaps, but this should certainly not be seen as a barrier to issuing it as a sentence whilst some clever people think up something more vicious to use at a later stage.

if your weekend has involved shopping and the use of a trolley i can only trust that it was somewhat less torturous an experience than what i had to endure.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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