Saturday, September 05, 2015

pension fund investment portfolio payout

hello there

regular readers shall be aware of the fact that, look you see, in recent times i have been subject to a number of hideous and mostly unprovoked attacks, or if you like assaults, by those pension fund raiders. i have made several astute investments in suitable retirement portfolios, for the benefit of those unaware and yet for some reason interested in my plight, and i have been routinely diddled out of my pension scheme. that is, at the least, until now.

i usually check in on my pension investment portfolio the day after the latest update to figures has been made. up to now this has been something which has come to be a disappointment, as i have invariably discovered that the pension pot has in fact been emptied with no returns being applicable to me.

it was quite, quite different this morning when i checked in to see how my portfolio had performed the evening before.

at first i thought that i had really, really done very well with my portfolio, as it seemed as though i had four of the requisite numbers allocated by the pension scheme machine that say whether or not you can retire. this was, alas, something of a miscalculation by me, but only the slightest one - i had three.

what sort of yield did i attract? it is quite crass and vulgar to discuss personal finances usually, but i don't mind sharing. my return on my pension portfolio was a handsome £6.40. this reflects a return of some 1000% or thereabouts, with that figure being particularly closer to the truth if you just look at the £2 i spent on the portfolio and discard the previous investments.

if the photographs of both the pension fund sequence of numbers and my pension portfolio documentation looks somewhat different from normal, that is because they are. do not, so to speak, adjust your set.

i have been of something of a Predator mind over the last few weeks, and so as a consequence i have obtained one of them "predator vision" camera apps for that iPhone which Spiros gave me. i thought you all might well want to have a look at it, and see how it is different from the usual Commodore 64 one that i have on the go.

it is not, i am keen and perhaps legally obliged to stress, an app or program which turns the iPhone into an actual Predator device, or even a proper thermal camera. it would appear that it just messes about with colours and changes them to give a "thermal" like look, so that you may see the world as a Predator would.

do i particularly like this new style of picture to take?  it's not bad, i shall give it that. i believe i will dabble with it a bit more, and present here pictures taken in both Predator mode and Commodore 64 mode, with the occasional "normal" picture just to keep interest levels as high up as they shall ever get.

indeed, a Boba Fett vs Predator film would be quite smart, as would a Predator vs Boba Fett film, if for some reason you prefer a reverse alphabetical order to be present in film titles.

actually, it probably would not be smart. Boba Fett groupies will argue that Boba would be able to absolutely knack any number of Predators you care to throw at him in a matter of moments. by the same margin, Predator acolytes would say that the Predator is superior, and would tear poor Boba Fett apart in a matter of seconds.

which side of that fence do i sit on? difficult to say, really. i would like to think that Boba Fett could handle himself in virtually any situation, but this is the Predator we are talking about. i think i would much rather sit back and enjoy, and politely applaud the eventual winner.

are they making either a Boba Fett vs Predator or Predator vs Boba Fett film? no. one does not see such a movie being made any time soon, for different studios own the different intellectual properties involved. it is highly unlikely that Fox or Disney would be prepared to sit down and hammer out a deal to the benefit of those fans that would very much like to see such a film.

so, anyway, my pension fund pay out. what have i done with it? foolishly or wisely, you decide - i have reinvested the whole lot (less 40p) into another pension fund investment portfolio. the correct portfolio numbers will, apparently, be released later this evening. i look forward, then, to being able to consult my portfolio numbers and see how they compare with the fund numbers in the morning.

in the mean time, for you more traditional types, here you go for i have not forgotten you. here is my successful, or partially successful, pension fund portfolio in Commodore 64 mode. 

may i wish you the very best of luck indeed with your own portfolio investment arrangements, at least as far as they do not impact on mine and cause negative equity.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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