Wednesday, September 02, 2015

in perfect hibernation

hi there

one of the things that i should have perhaps done today, as you shall see, look you see, is get a haircut and shave or otherwise trim my beard down a bit. i didn't, as it happens, as i got involved with all sorts of other concerns. one of these was discovering that Marks & Spencers is as far removed as you could possibly wish to be from one of them budget or cheaper retailers, but i didn't take any pictures of that.

to start with what i did most recently, i for some reason got a bit of a bee in my bonnet and decided to go and have a look at all of our stuffs in storage. it has been there for some 18 months or so, and it had been about 7 or so months since i last went for an inspection. maybe 9, or even 11, actually. anyway, up i went, and here's that beard look i promised.

yes, the full effect, as i thought for some reason one or two of you might have a wish to see me in non-Commodore 64 mode. now that you have, i would imagine it is safe to conclude you would prefer a return to the magic of Commodore 64 mode, so that is what it shall be, i think, for the remainder of this post.

the first challenge of checking stuffs in storage, at least when you get around to having a gander once every season or so, is navigating the ravages of nature upon the padlock. to be honest, considering where everything is the padlock is a bit of overkill and superfluous,  for one would really, really have to like the idea of getting shotgunned if they were to try unauthorised access. that said, rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. and so, on to the padlock then, with a tin of that smart WD40 stuff.

the padlock opened with little or no effort after that WD40 stuff was introduced to it. a marvellous lubricant, it is, and i am surprised that Spiros does not have several cans of it around his house. perhaps he does, actually, but i just didn't notice them.

was all fine, agreeable and as it should be in storage? why, yes it was. hence me writing this, and not charging about to do stuff to address whatever was wrong, which wasn't. 

moving away - briefly -  from storage and my tasks for today that saw me not trip my hair or beard involved a visit, or if you like sojourn, past HMV. as regulars will be aware, my relationship with HMV has been a bit up and down this year. today was mostly up. why? have a gander.

that's the "new", as in it was only released in June of this year, Classic Quadrophenia CD at half price. which, in fairness, is also what amazon are selling it for, at time of going to publish at the least. nice one, however, to stumble upon it by accident in a way that i could just buy it and leave the store without paying postage costs.

is it any good? yes, it is. the guest vocals by Billy Idol, in particular on Bell Boy, make this an outstanding musical venture. i am not sure why Pete Townshend has taken to mining and milking Quadrophenia for coins of money in a similar way to that in which Bryan Ferry issues greatest hits sets, but i am rather glad that he is doing so in the way he is.

back to storage, then, and as mentioned above all is fine and as it should be, as you can sort of make out in this picture if you have a wish to do so.

for how much longer is it that i propose keeping stuff in storage? for as long as is required, really, although that in all probability might not be all that much longer. we shall see, and as and when that changes undoubtedly there shall be some sort of update here.

it would of course be removed now, and furthermore removed by people that i had hired to serve as my people, if any of my recent pension fund investments had actually worked.

yeah, that's a whole bunch of £2 pension fund lottery tickets that i have checked and subsequently binned, for they did not provide me with the return on investment which the adverts kind of promised that they would. hey ho, i have one more pension fund investment that may well mature tonight. failing that, i may purchase a further one for closer to the weekend.

one of them selfie things of me at storage, but in Commodore 64 mode? sure, why not. i much prefer them this way anyway, as my beard (and hair) does not seem quite so grey in them.

yeah, actually i do have a few photographs and indeed video off of our travels to Newcastle yesterday. i perhaps should have posted all that first, but i didn't, so there you go.

to finish off, then, how some scenery looks in Commodore 64 mode for you. dig it, man. 

and that's about that. a strange day. i have clearly done a lot, but it feels like i have done not so much, and i feel strangely tired. perhaps i shall catch one of those celebrated second winds and share the Newcastle stuff today, or perhaps it can wait.

anyway, cheers for reading, and may all be well with you and what you do.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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