Sunday, September 06, 2015


hello there

it is not every day, look you see, that one is presented with what certainly seems to be a legitimate way of making a 1,000% (one thousand) return on investment. that would be what has seemingly happened to me, and no, i am not talking about one of my smart and classy pension fund portfolio investments.

i was out shopping and, as usual, kept an eye out for something of a reasonable cost that would be of amusement and interest to the boys. this i found in the form of something called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Ultimate Spin Strikers.

oh, terrific. it seems all but impossible to have "landscape" mode accepted on Predator style pictures that i take and put here. i do wish that Apple and Blogger could put there differences aside in this regard and allow me to simply upload images the right f****** way around.

anyway, as you can see reasonably clearly, this item cost me £1, which was the main selling point. actually £2, as they had two and i thought one each might keep the peace. it is worth bearing in mind this pricing.

what exactly is it? it's some sort of "battle area" thing, upon which you unleash two spinning tops to twat into each other. the set comes with two of the characters from this show, the turtle Leonardo who is the ostensible hero, and Spider Bites, a character i am led to believe is the villain of the piece. you also get two very fancy looking "mutagen" launchers to put them in and fire them off from. the battle arena itself has a storage compartment within it, making it a smart, tidy and rather decent toy. the £1 price i paid seems, to be, to be well worth it, and i would have happily paid more, although maybe not too much more. i see, for instance, that amazon sell it for just north of £10, which to me feels a bit excessive.

i discovered the amazon pricing for this battle arena thing as i was browsing for further "super strike spinners" to get for the set. apparently you can indeed get all of the characters off of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in a spinning form for it, which is very interesting news for my wallet.

it was during the course of this browsing, for browsing is what it is called when one considers offerings of items on the internet, that i discovered someone had placed this battle arena thing on ebay with a somewhat higher valuation than even amazon awarded it.

i am comfortable, if not confident, in your ability to see the pricing there in that picture. if not, well, a clearer screenshot is below for the benefit of those of you incapable of seeing things in Predator vision. for those that just want me to get to the point, as in they have no wish to either stare at this image or to scroll down and see the clearer picture, i can inform you that the price this is listed on over on that ebay thing is £999. that's £1 south of one thousand, that. and yeah, ok, that means if you want to get technical it would not be a pure 1,000% return on investment i could make, but so close that it's not worth arguing about.

wow. i mean, like, wow. i appreciate that, and subscribe to the train of thought of which says something is worth precisely what someone is prepared to pay for it. but, really? £999 for a child's toy? it's not that impressive, and nor is it all that big. if it were a "vintage" Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles thing then maybe, but it's a new Nickelodeon branded one, which means it can be no more than three years old and is not at all likely to be all that rare.

a (sadly) sideways image of my family walking along by the beck, as the Predator would see them if the Predator was for some reason following and stalking them? sure, and sorry that you will need to either tilt your head or turn your device (with scroll lock on) to see it the right way around.

a mostly lovely and agreeable walk we had around the village, if you were asking, thanks mostly to the sudden burst of smart, summer like weather we had today, but also partially because i am happy to report that there was no actual Predator stalking us. well, maybe there was, but it elected not to attack us, which is the same thing.

would i have paid £999 for this battle arena spinning top thing? no. i would be somewhat surprised to find that anyone would. perhaps some bonkers Russian billionaire might buy it on a whim, or an easily confused, healthily paid professional footballer might well believe that this is the standard price for such a thing.

that clearer view of the pricing as promised? certainly, here you go.

nope, i am not putting a link to it here. you can see the details yourself. if you wish, you can search for it on the basis of the information above, and i would hope that the time it takes you to search gives you time to pause for thought on the cost.

is the toy actually any good? yes, it seems to be. it's fun to play, and the boys are enjoying it.

anyway, that's that, for what it is worth. as for what that worth is, you go right ahead and feel free to place it anywhere you like between £1 and £999, i guess.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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