Sunday, March 01, 2015


hey there

so, technically - according to meteorologists, soothsayers, wizards and assorted charlatans - today, being 1st March, is the first day of the season they call Spring. to this end, the day began in a most glorious way. sure, we had some wind, but the sun was breaking through, and at times it felt pleasantly warm.

this, it has to be said, changed some during the day. the skies went grey, look you see, and a touch of drizzle was tangible in the waves of the wind. and then this happened.

yes, as you can see in that stunning, high quality, intensity definition video right there, we have some snow this afternoon. and, looking out of the window, this evening, too. oh dear.

i was thinking, what with it being Spring and all, of going to work wearing some shorts, a modest string vest and a pair of sandals. surely, and this i trust makes as much sense to you as it does to me, it being Spring means that the sun is here and warmth will befall us. i think i may be required to rethink my wardrobe ahead of my travels tomorrow.

yeah, i did kind of decide that i had better go and check that the snow was not some sort of weird optical illusion, or scientific experiment like that whole dress thing. as it turned out - and my change of shirt since this picture bears some testimony to this - it was not an optical illusion, and the snow really is there, falling down. as opposed, indeed, to rising.

i am really rather glad that i opted to get going, indeed cracking, on my travels and visits earlier than usual today. i mean yes, i did walk for a while in the rain, but was safely home by the time the snow came.

i think this selfie thing here shows off my new, shorter hair look for the first time. well, new shorter hair look, but with some snow added on the top. yes, indeed it is going grey in spots, but not some sort of lumpy white thing - that is indeed snow on the top of my hair, not a really weird coloured part of it. and no, it certainly is snow, not the work of some vindictive or vicious seagull in passing. i would think that all the seagulls were safely in their seagull homes, or caves, or whatever and indeed wherever it is that they all live when not pinching chips off of children and sailors.

i note for the rest of my family - they being the 75% you all like far more than me - that the novelty factor of snow has gone somewhat. far from rushing out to dance and play in it, they are simply content to look out through the window and go "oh". nice one.

another video of it falling? sure, why not, since i have another clip here.

it's kind of weird, this. my plan for my first post of March - and as a consequence the first post of Spring - was to do something about Barbs for a change. but then this intervened, so here you have it. also i am feeling too tired to concentrate on Barbs right now to do justice to a post. tired in general, dear reader, and certainly not tired of Barbs. no one alive could ever tire of her, surely?

yeah, looking at that picture, i should probably get around to trimming down the beard somewhat.

i trust that your Spring has featured pretty much, more or less, as much snow as you wanted it to!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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