Saturday, March 28, 2015

ah, or that went well

hi there

regular readers, or those who simply click here, will be aware that fate dealt the blow of my blueberry phone case being all knacked up recently.

i took a decision, look you see, to order a new one. purple, as was the shade that i had, seemed unavailable, so i ordered something called 'light purple' as the designated colour for the new one. when it landed, it turned out to be rather light purple indeed.

erm, yeah. that's the old purple one next to it, and the new one is indeed as lightly lilac purple as it looks there. ah. oh dear. as comfortable as i am with my sexuality, and i do so dearly cling to the universal ideal of let everyone be what they want to be so long as it doesn't impose on others, i am simply not sure this is the style or shade of phone cover i wish to wander around with.

i'm somewhat undecided, really. actually, the shade of it does not annoy me so much as the fact that, as you can pretty much make out there, it is the reverse of the one i had in terms of the flap and the magnetic sealing strap mechanism thing. it's actually bloody annoying to use.

i will probably order another one instead, then, but in the mean time here is our friends the cows, in their usual field, but only taken from a slightly different angle for you. yeah, i be the shadow.

what were the cows up to this time? wandering and eating, for the most part. a little later, however, there was a touch of jousting between the three of them, followed by what seemed to me to be the cow variation on the art of dogging. no, dear reader, although you will not be prone to believe my denial, i would still all the same like to make it clear that i did not join in with their dogging ventures. if that is what they were doing.

do i, as per numerous posts here this year, still believe the cows are mounting some sort of revolutionary, evolutionary strike against us? yes. but i am too tired to elaborate here, rather just look through my older posts and see it all for yourself.

moving on, as indeed the cows will be towards conquest, and here is one of those 'oh wow' or 'ah' or, if you are some sort of teenager thing, "OMG! LOOK!" type of images for you. here's an advert from 1991 for a place called Radio Shack which is, so the advert informs us, an American concern that got very excited when it was President Bush I's birthday.

the punchline, or the 'oh wow' element, here of course is that now you can for the most part get all of the above on a single device, far cheaper than the singular versions of most and, for the most part, in a wya that delivers a far superior level of performance. i, frankly, do not want to know what a $1600 Tandy PC with a 20MB 'Super Drive' is like to work on.

except, of course, not all of the things above exist anymore. i am thinking, in particular, of AM/MW radio. is it still used? here in England it is all FM, with an awful lot of this DAB too. DAB is brilliant, and i hope my friends in Africa get to hear it soon. i do, however, miss that somewhat soothing, low frequency, bass like sound of an AM/MW transmission. American radio on it in particular always sounded wonderful.

also, i am not at all sure that CB exists still? i know they got rid of morse code off of ships, which was just a stupid thing to do. i mean, surely morse code machines did not take up all that much space, and it would be a very nice backup to have if all the fancy new means of technology broke?

a look at the cows in their apparent dogging hot spot? yeah, i thought you would want to see that. here they are, and you will note they are slightly more inland than their usual place of choice. they are on the move, ladies and gents, and they are coming to get us.

that picture, as is the case with the one above, was taken free of the new pouch. that is why there is none of that class curved like border to them. i kind of miss that curve, so even if i don't use the pouch pictured above, i can, like totes, see me getting another pouch case thing that adds it on.

pretty much ignore this picture to the side, please. it was a bit of a doodle, or if you like codex, that an unspecified person left behind in an unspecified location. this might seem to be all secretive and shady to you, but don't let it worry you - those that need to know what this is do so very well, and are aware of the actions they need to take.

on a practical level, i am led to believe that the clocks change here at some point overnight, or if you want to be all Australian and specific about it, at 1am we will all be magically transported to 3am instead of 2am. most devices, wired as they are into some sort of network, affect the change automatically. which is nice. as far as i know, however, the clock in our kitchen is not wifi enhanced, so i will give it a little bit of a fiddle in the morning.

the clocks changing, of course, means that spring should at last be here. whereas we are getting, as the above pictures reveal, some sun and lovely skies, the temperature has not elevated itself quite so much as i would have liked it to by this stage.

one of them selfie things of me with the blueberry phone in the lovely, delicate lilac case? i have no problem with that, here you go.

as you can see, it adds a reasonable amount of a curved border to it, since the holes in the pouch and holding section do not quite align with the lens of the camera. it's not bad, as far as curved borders go, but to me it seems to lack the spontaneous conformity of the old one.

did i by any chance take a video of them cows doing dogging or whatever it is they were actually doing? why, as it happens, yes i did, and yes you can see it if you so wish.

i find that the sexual liberation and freedom the cows have to be most refreshing, really. i mean, there they are, unashamed and proud, dogging away in view of the world at 7:20am on a weekday. if it were a bunch of people doing that, you can be sure the constabulary would get involved, and the morals of it would be debated by local politicians, journalists, provincial broadcasters and the like, saying it's a sign of "broken britain" and confirmation of the decline of modern society.

what would i do if i saw a bunch of people dogging in the field over from the bus stop at 7:20am? well for starters i believe in honouring commitment and expectations, so first i would be sending a message to verk saying it would be very unlikely that i would be on my usual bus and thus would be a bit late.

if, like me, your weekend is about to become one hour shorter than usual, i hope you made the very most in the best way possible of the time you had.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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