Monday, March 16, 2015

cow concern

hello there

for some inexplicable reason, or if you like for reasons i am presently unsure of, Monday would seem to have become the day that i present you, the more persistent or casual reader, with an update on what the cows are up to. for the new reader, have a look over at the post history thing on the side, or simply type "cow" in the search bar at the top, look you see, and read away if you are interested.

providing you with an update on the cows today is something of a challenge, as it turns out. that would be because they were not, with they being the cows, where they normally are. here, have a gander.

no, this picture isn't doctored, "photoshopped", modified or edited. not censored either. what you see is what you get, and what you get is a field with no cows in it. it is, if you like, a field sans cows.

where were they? in the field next to this one. i was going to take some pictures of them in it, but there were rather too many people around - at about 7:10am no less - walking their dogs. i would have looked suspicious, and might have accidentally started one of them dogging sessions off. no, that's not something that usually would be a problem, but it would have been if i missed my bus.

away from cows, then, and towards the Poundland place. Poundland has hit a really rather rich vein of crappy, rubbish horror films on blu-ray that they sell for £1 each. and yes, indeed yes i do purchase every single one that they put on the shelf for retail purposes.

Poundland is very much my salvation, or if you like bastion, at the moment with all the fuss, hoo-ha and nonsense in the news at the moment. no, not related to these blu ray discs of rubbish, but in the light of all that stuff going on with that John Elton bloke and someone called Dolce & Gabbana. 

where to begin? i really rather disagree with what Dolce & Gabbana, whoever they are, said about IVF treatment and so forth. however, i do not disagree with their right to state their view or opinion. the price, ladies and gentlemen, of free speech is that everyone has it. a great many people believe that being free to express their view is fine, but that others who have a view that disagrees with theirs should not be allowed to share or air it.

which brings us nicely to John Elton. whereas i don't agree with the view of Dolce & Gabbana, i equally do not agree with the reaction of Elton; a reaction which is fair to describe as the epitome of narcissism and a shiny example of the sense of entitlement prevalent in the world today. his bizarre temper tantrum, in public, in which he seemed to think they were talking exclusively about him was rather tragic.

i will not, then, be joining in with John Elton's classy boycott of Dolce & Gabbana, but also i will not be critical of him for doing so. it is just bloody handy, ladies and gentlemen, that presently Poundland does not stock whatever items it is that Dolce & Gabbana flog, so my non-involvement in the boycott is rather a moot point. i, in a very locked in a bathroom sense, dodged four bullets there.

back of the blu ray discs? sure, why not.

have i watched them yet? no, but i might, one day. of the two films, Husk seems to get an "it is not all that bad really" kind of review, in the same way that Fertile Ground, alas, does not. my problem here with a selection of viewing is that where the former gets the marginally (0.5 at time of going to press) better review, the latter would seem to promise more nudity.

a video of the field, bereft as it is of cows, at about 7:19am today? that's doable.

and there you have it, a complete lack of interesting cow update for this fine Monday. well, fine except for the grey skies and the drizzle.

if i remember, then surely yes, indeed i will bring you all another cow update next Monday. should they do something interesting before then and i happen to capture an image or two, well then yeah, i will do it before. obviously though if there is nothing of interest then i shall not trouble you.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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