Sunday, March 01, 2015

Capital One League Cup Final 2015

hi there

in great fairness that title should read 'Capital One League Cup Final 2015 As Interpreted By Spiros', for this post is all about his adventure at this most prestigious event.

Spiros is not, look you see, what one would call a traditional football man. wrestling is more his game, with the odd bit of rugby too, although in regards of the latter he only ever seemed happy when involved in the midst of a scrum. still, someone gave him a ticket for this match, and so off he went.

the images he forwarded me - all two of them - in many ways reflect the level of interest he has in football on a day to day basis. if you are looking for any sort of pictures of Spurs, Chelsea or anything that actually happened on the pitch, well, now might be a good time for you to depart and do another google search for pictures of that.

the walk to Wembley is one of those occasions treasured by fans. some fans only get to experience it - at best - once in their life, where as the fans of some clubs get to do it frequently. what was the highlight for Spiros in making this walk for the first and possibly only time?

yes, that's right - a bottle of p!ss casually discarded by a Chelsea fan or a Spurs fan. this excited Spiros a very great deal indeed, hence him sending on the picture to me.

he was unable to identify with any ease if it was a Chelsea or a Spurs fan what had done this p!ss in a bottle and left it. it is equally possible, of course, that it was a fan of neither - cup finals do after all attract a number of "corporate hospitality neutrals". Spiros was there in such a capacity.

which team did Spiros cheer for? hard to say, really. i think he could be persuaded to be a Spurs man, as at one stage he did own a 7" single by a Spurs team that got to some sort of final or other. it is of course equally possible that he could be a Chelsea fan too. at one point Spiros had access to a Coventry City scarf. Coventry City, as many of you reading this will be aware, were very much the "Chelsea of the 80s", as they attracted an awful lot of money and fans as a consequence of a fluked FA Cup win. against Spurs, as it happens.

it seems, however, that Spiros became a great admirer of both sets of fans in the build up to entering the stadium. he took something of a shine to the way they interacted with both each other and, as point of fact, the constabulary charged with maintaining law and order at the event.

Spiros tells me that he was thrilled to see the fans of Chelsea and Spurs take a brief break from calling each other names and making wanker gestures at each other to unite and do the same with a united front to the members of the constabulary. it was, Spiros says, much like how it must have been in World War I when the British and German troops called a ceasefire to have a game of football.

as for the match itself, well, Spiros has given no comment as he probably didn't understand vast swathes of what was going on, and you probably all know the result by now anyway. it must have been confusing, perhaps challenging, for some of the Chelsea fans, though. i mean, on the one side they would have been aware that they had to be mindful to be not seen promoting or celebrating racism in any way, shape or form, but on the other they probably also really wanted to celebrate John Terry scoring. a tough scruple of a dilemma, that one, some might say.

if you happen to be one of the fans who chanted, in my best cockney accent typing, "cant" at the police, rival and on the same side fans or indeed yourself, or if you are the fan what done the p!ss in a bottle, or made a wanker gesture at a copper, Spiros would very much like to meet you for a pint that he will be happy to let you pay for.

should you have been at or watched the match, or had a vested interest in it, i trust your day was as memorable and pleasurable as the one Spiros had, although maybe for different reasons.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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