Sunday, March 22, 2015

a return to storage

hi there

sorry to disappoint, or indeed happy to please, but this one is one of those rare, pretty standard, dull and boring "what i did today" posts for a change, with no nonsense or silly stuff. well, maybe a little. and also it does not, look you see, cover my entire day, which is still at this point a going concern and has been rather busy.

i woke today with sunlight across my face. this was in the moments after the time conventionally referred to as 7:32am had dawned. i found my mind racing with all sorts of ideas, plans and intentions. i opted, then, whilst full of spunk about it, to do what i could of those ideas with the day today.

here's one of them "car mirror" selfies that some of you seem to like, what with it making me look like an assassin or other such shady type of character.

for the early stages of the day,  this enthusiasm stretched to getting some washing done and hung out on the line. the era of Spring, you see, is supposed to be with us northern hemisphere dwellers, and so i should be able to hang stuff out to dry. not that there's anything wrong with the tumble dryer we have. well, bar the fact that it does not sing and dance like my superior washing machine, but this is what one gets when one allows their (considerably) better half to select a piece of equipment. "does it sing a song" seems to be very low down on her requirements when buying appliances, let me tell you.

after that was done i still had some ample time prior to the proprietor of my grocer of choice opening for business, so i opted - as one may well have guessed from the title - to do something i have been meaning to for a while, which was to go and have a gander at how all our stuff is in storage.

the last time i visited, or went to see or inspect, our storage stuff was in the latter stages of last year, when William got all excited about getting one or both of his Captain America shield things. we have, in truth, had a good deal of snow and quite challenging weather since then.

whereas our storage facility looked like it was perfectly capable of handling any challenges thrown at it via the weather, one always has a sense of being compelled to go and have a look, to check that all is well and as it should be. well, maybe one does not at all, but i certainly did. which is why i had all those intentions of going to check. as time allowed for me to do such a thing today, today is the day that i then did make good on the sort of pledge i had made with myself to do this very thing.

for the sake of avoiding a cliffhanger or anything dramatic, indeed all is as it was and should be in storage, with everything there, no damp or snow or wind or water problems. nice one. the image of the padlock above shows the only obstacle i had to face - having not been used for a while it needed a touch of that WD40 stuff to get it to work.

so we might as well have a look at a nice view, then, i suppose.

no, i have not as yet walked up there since my return home. i really should, especially as i have a proper ipod thing capable of keeping a battery charge so that it can give me partnership all of the way up and most of the way down too. Apple products, after all, seem to be designed with a mind to rid the world of as much electricity as possible, what with how often they require a charge. 

a brief departure from storage and lovely views, then, to bring you something that is in all that Japanese stuff, or might be Chinese or something. it could be Gaelic for all i know.

hopefully, however, it is very much Japanese, as Spiros would benefit a very great deal from it. he has had some ideas - several, as point of fact - about what he can bring to the world of Japanese finance, in particular with respect to Japanese financial concerns based in or around London. well, in London, for he has decided that he is now well innit wicked down on that whole cockney life, in particular the jellied eels and the idea of being crowned or ordained a pearly king one day, and so has not the slightest intention of ever leaving the city. 

to you or i, dear reader, them words there might not look as thought they are of all that much obvious relevance to the world of finance, let alone Japanese, but you or i are not Spiros. unless you are Spiros reading this. the man is a visionary, he would know more about it that we do.

a look at me looking at how everything is OK in storage? if such a thing would interest you, here.

there is, i suppose, a lesson in all of this for anyone considering moving around the world. inside storage we have a few things of considerable sentimental value. in a practical sense, however, it is a whole load of stuff we have not had with us for some 15, close to 16 months, and we have pretty much got on fine without it. let go, and travel light, then.

some more scenery images? if you like, no problem.

the coming of Spring - for it is certainly coming - really is one of the most excellent things about living in England. autumn and winter are all about grey skies, little daylight, darkness and cold. it can get quite depressing to live in from time to time, as it plays on your mind. it is, however, all made worthwhile with the dawning of this traditionally rejuvenating of seasons. everyone just feels better, elated and happier than they were before. nice one.

another image of scenery to finish off with? cool.

i will be off, then, whilst i have some degree of energy, to perform other tasks which need performing. this will, mostly, be reserved to bringing back in the clothes that i hung earlier today. well, they are not going to do it alone, and as they are now dry there can be little purpose in leaving them where they are.

hope you've all had a super spectacular weekend!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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