Sunday, March 01, 2015

the unfortunate geordie

hello there

i hope you are not expecting any sort of apology or excuse for me reading, from time to time, the (by textbook definition if nothing else) newspaper the Sunday Sport. i simply love the priceless, ridiculous stories they have in it, and the pictures are nice too.

today they came up with one of their best ever stories, almost as good as the 'Randy' Al Lomax one which has featured on this blog a number of times.

yes, childish, immature and silly and all that stuff, but i am still laughing at this one. i think it's the truly horrendous photoshop job on the jeep picture as much as anything that's quite amusing.

i love how someone manages to get paid for thinking up stories like this; presumably because people like myself and Spiros are quite happy to pay to read this sort of thing.

the actual story presumably could not live up to the class headline and sensational picture, so i haven't bothered reading it. here's a halfway decent picture of it if you want to try yourself. i have tastefully edited out the advert for some sauce at the bottom, replacing it with a suitable picture.

you almost kind of wish this story was true, really, just to see how the more recognized news outlets and agencies of the world would handle reporting it. they would, i suspect and indeed fear, use rather more subtle wording, look you see.

well, i will leave it to you to tut-tut away at how disgraceful this is, or otherwise join with me in a right good laugh at it. i am assuming the Italian version of the Sunday Sport has run this story, but instead featuring a Juventus fan.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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