Tuesday, March 03, 2015

noel, toll and rose

hello there

well, if you are wondering, yes i do have a few more observations about what cows are getting up to at the moment. they will have to wait, however, look you see. i am building a very impressive and indeed sinister dossier, and i will share my findings with you soon.

in the mean time, then, you will just have to make do with whatever random things occurred to me to post there. actually, no you don't i suppose; you can of course just skip all of this and read something of more interest in another corner of the web.

first up, then, and the novelty factor of HMV having a new album up being promoted in the window.

yeah, this was taken the day after the day of release, and no i have not gone and bought it. i just really don't like it's contractually obliged 44 minute length, it's contractually obliged 10 tracks or it's contractually obliged  £9.99 price tag.

weirdly, i would have been somewhat tempted by the deluxe version, clocking in at £13 or £15 depending where you go, only the "deluxe" version here means a CD with 4 extra tracks on it, one of which is some sort of remix of whatever the first single was - In The Heat Of The Moment, i think. our friends in Japan, of course, get one extra track for their money, or if you like Yen. so no, not really. if he could have bothered to put it out with a DVD, with 10mins of him saying why you should give him all your money and maybe a music video or two, then yeah.

and yet i do feel oddly compelled to by this rather pedestrian album. i think i find myself in the position now that people in their 30s and 40s did in the 1980s whenever McCartney or, blimey, Starr threw out a solo album. it's that nostalgia, that sort of clinging to a life and a time you remember thing, that makes you feel like you should be obliged to buy it. sort of a "i am not alone in the universe, they were there and if i buy this that proves i am still around and of relevance" thing.

undoubtedly this album will be, in a matter of weeks, be available as part of some "2 for £15" offer, and not long after that it will be in the realm of "2 for £10". i will no doubt end up picking it up when the price feels all a lot less contractually obliged.

speaking of contractually obliged, i keep getting this every month. oh yes, i did indeed sign up for one of them etoll things back in 2011 or 2012, assuming that they really were going to implement them.

this balance is kind of stuck in Johannesburg, alas. i have enquired and it turns out that i cannot transfer the amount you see reflected there. i could cancel it and cash out, although somewhat like totes obs i no longer have a bank account there for them to cash it out into.

i do not recall throwing all that much money at it - most of what you see there is interest earned, i believe. well, if anyone can think of something or anything i can do with all of that, let me know. otherwise it can just sit there and i shall enjoy my email every month.

finally, looking at the title of this post, time for some rose, as in Guns N Roses.

despite my (considerably) better half believing that any merchandise relating to the band would be "wasted on me" as i am "not as much of a fan of them as she is", here is my smart new, Appetite For Destruction era bus pass card holder thing, apparently endorsed by Axl and whatever the current incarnation of his band is or are.

the other bus pass card holder thing i had, featuring various DC comic characters like the Batman and what have you, was still perfectly functional; i just fancied a bit of a change. as the likes of the Manics and the Stone Roses don't do this sort of thing, Guns N Roses was the only one i could find by a band that i quite like. well, yeah, there are class One Direction ones, but i like the Roses of Guns slightly more. actually, i wonder if Jedward merchandise is freely available.

yeah, let me head to the bay of e and see what i can find with the Jedward on it.

i trust and hope that some of this stuff was of passing interest, at the least!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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