Sunday, November 01, 2015

on Marlboro flavor mix

hi there

what sort of company are you in? i don't mean physically, look you see, but just who is it you associate with now, as you read this, in an online shared experience thing? whilst i can't give any specifics for you in that regard, i can tell you numbers.

when i do one of my usual, regular and presumably dull posts, i get something like 75 - 100 people reading it as a "direct visit" to that post, possibly double that amount from people who open my blog and scroll up and down. should the subject or content relate to Marlboro, that mos majestic of cigarette, the number shoots up into the thousands. so, if you are reading this, you are one of thousands to be doing so, going on previous form, and yes, i know, you're here for the Marlboro, not me.

indeed Marlboro usually is very much out of my price range here, for the retailers all elect to sell it at just slightly south of £10 a packet. when kindness smiles, however, someone brings them as a gift, or someone is in a position to allow me to purchase them for considerably less than what the retailers do. i am not at liberty to disclose what saw some Marlboro flavor mix come into my possession; the important thing is that, with thanks, they are.

what are they? in truth, somewhere between Marlboro gold (formerly known as lights) and Marlboro red (always known as the greatest cigarette of all time). not, as you might think, halfway between the two, as some sort of "mild" thing. no, i would say these are 75% of the way towards being full on red.

and they are damned, damned nice too. i know you non-smokers, those who tut-tut and indulge in absolutely nothing bad for you, don't believe this, but there is a taste difference across cigarettes. Marlboro produce the finest, and these are a close second to the magnificence of red.

what would be the favourite part of the packaging? well, the above pictured "sperm warning" is always a favourite whilst smoking, but that they have taken the time, trouble and effort to stamp "for adult use only" on the one side is quite class. i am not sure they have gotten around to such important advice on alcohol or contraceptives as such as yet.

anyway, if you get the chance of Marlboro flavour mix, get 'em, as they are boss. if for some reason, any reason at all, you are looking for what i always need, or what would be the perfect gift for me, the answer will have Marlboro written on it.

light 'em up........

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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