Friday, March 27, 2015

denise to add link

hello there

well, yeah. i could be accused of all sorts of pot and kettle things with this one. me pointing out mistakes and errors on another webpage is a little bit rich, considering my own blog here is hardly a bastion of polished professionalism. doe snot, instead of does not, is a particularly frequent trick of mine.

that said, i am not a big sized fancy newspaper with a whole load of staff, and i also, as far as i know, do not come up on page one of any google news search results. the Telegraph does, however.

i was reading some news, as i am so inclined to do, in respect of the automotive industry. it was then that i discovered this bit of a clanger in their text.

oh dear. it seems that someone assumed that 'DENISE TO ADD LINK' was part of the story, rather than a memo or note to the editor, or the sub-editor, or assistant to them, to get Denise to do this.

this mistake, if we can take it as a given that it was a mistake, was there today, two days after the story had been published or, if you like, posted. is the error still there? not sure, if you so wish do please go and have a look to see by clicking here, look you see.

actually, i think Private Eye give you ten quid if you send in a mistake like this. i can't be bothered to do that, but do by all means feel free to have a go at that yourself.

the interesting part, for me, was that this bit of editing error also comes up in the 'meta text' or description or whatever it is on the google search for news.

this is somewhat bafflingly at odds with the new standards that google proclaims it has, in which it says natural, good and 'organic' text will be rewarded with higher rankings. hard to see how the phrase 'denise to add link' meets that criteria to the extent of a page one ranking, considering i searched for 'motor industry jobs'.

for what reason was i searching? mostly classified. although no, i am not seeking a position or employment in the motor industry, or any other place for that matter, for i am perfectly happy with my current verk. i have, however, always harboured a desire to have a set of overalls with a patch on them that says "Mr Clutch", like what Fat Bob wore in Paul Calf when he got married.

hope this has been of some mild amusement to some of you.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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