Sunday, March 08, 2015

return, jacket and kyk

hi there

just bringing together a few things for you, the avid reader that checks in here from time to time to see what i am up to.

how was my weekend? featured rather more commercial activities than i intended to get involved with, thanks, but for the most part they do not feature here. commerce is, however, how the world works these days, so some references to commercial activities - no matter how tenuous or slight - will be rather unavoidable. so you've been warned. 

first up, look you see, and something that is somewhat baffling, although understandable if not a little disappointing is probably the better way of saying it, look you see.

this, carefully placed in a coin bag of money from New Zealand, is an image of the vouchers i got off of the gratitude attitude posts i did at the start of the year. as they for the most part related to products my Dad was quite partial to - mostly love bead toothpaste, as regulars will know - i thought it best to post them on to him.

they were, after all, mostly an apology to him off of Colgate for not making toothpaste with love beads shoved into them for no apparent or particularly given reason. it seems my Dad, however, was in no mood to accept such an apology, hence them being returned. oh. well, either that, or he just assumed that i had sent them to him by mistake, and was simply returning them.
meanwhile, as usual on a Sunday night, i have repeats of Bullseye on TV. it's an extra special episode tonight, as it is the first ever episode of this magnificent show that they are screening. this could well be the "pilot" one too, as in one that was never made for actual broadcast.

if it is the pilot, i hope there is some miserable twat who used to work at the BBC sat watching it, cursing the fact that they declined to commission the show.

quite weird, the show is, too. Bowen is handling every element of the show himself, which means he is calling the scores and adding them up. i am assuming the amount of times that he stops to correct himself, after taking a fair amount of time to add up in the first case, is why they got a professional darts scorer to come in and "assist" him eventually.
i haven't had the chance to take much in the way of selfies of late, you may have noticed. mostly, i suppose, it's because i don't have a selfie stick. why not? as far as i can work out they don't work with the blueberry model of phone. hey ho. here's one for you from today, taken with a number of reasons in mind.

first off, of if you like firstly, i thought some of you might want for an aesthetics rundown. yes, indeed i have shaved my beard off, or rather hacked it somewhat. well, trimmed it.

also, and be mindful of the commerce warning above, this is a smart new jacket i have on. forest green, apparently. i saw it on one of them shops of the internet and took a shine to the price, the colour and the fact that they made it in a size that would fit me.

another rather more practical reason for me to put this picture here is either for you to remember me this way, or hand this picture over to the authorities as the most recent one if some sort of hunt or search party is required for me in the next couple of days. if you are wondering why on earth such a thing would be required, in either case, well, i am off for some minor surgery tomorrow.

not surgery, teeth out. the tooth mender, or whatever the proper name for a dentist is, shall be taking two, possibly three, out tomorrow. this will require a small, non-nancy boy level of all that anaesthetic stuff to be applied to me. one never knows what happens to one when the anaesthetic is applied.

what am i expecting to happen? mostly just the tooth mender to make the one side of my face somewhat numb, pull out an as yet to be determined number of teeth, followed by myself being sent home to go feel sorry for myself. it is, however, according to Spiros possible that i might get sent to a container, featuring rudimentary, basic medial equipment what is powered by batteries all set up ready to harvest certain organs i have. Spiros also reckons that i might end up getting "loaned" to a broadcaster or other such celebrity, so that they may interfere with me sexually whilst i am in unaware state. Sprios reckons one of them happened to him. no, i am not going to say which one, to protect his modesty, so i am certainly not going to write anything here that makes you think it is the latter.

to help pass the time as i count down to my date with the tooth mender i took it as a good idea to retune our TV. all this "freeview" stuff means that they are frequently changing and updating what channels are on, so it's a good idea to check.

i was quite interested to see that this would be available to me, should i purchase and plug in some sort of device.

no, i will not be purchasing any such device to watch this, thank you. it is not like i ever watched this channel in South Africa, when technically and by default i did actually pay for it, since it was all part of the subscription bundle. i don't speak or really understand Afrikaans, except for the bit where it seems to be mostly just a load of shouting, so i shall just give it a miss, thanks.

what was the first ever Bully's Star Prize on the first ever edition of Bullseye, you ask? well, as it happens, it was this very smart looking caravan. the finalists, alas, did not win it.

and nor, for that matter, did the finalists on the second ever episode of Bullseye. i know this because the second ever episode was on, and the finalists did not win it either.

i think in the initial days of Bullseye the budget was a bit tight, and so it was the same Bully's Star Prize every week until someone won it. after that, presumably, Bowen was sent with a wad of cash to assorted ironmongers, scrap merchants and second hand car dealerships. he was no doubt tasked, or if you like charged, with the responsibility of procuring a prize he felt that contestants would consider suitable reward for scoring 101 or more.

right, that will do. let me be off, then, to prepare psychologically for the challenges ahead tomorrow with the tooth mender. should one of the more unfortunate options Spiros mentioned befall me, i do have a list of broadcasters that i would not object to interfering with me, but alas i cannot publish it here due to some misguided libel laws.

i trust that your weekend was a most agreeable one and, indeed, i do so dearly hope that your week ahead is not going to be as quite all dental as mine shall.

see you soon, i hope!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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