Monday, March 23, 2015

knacked case and frozen tissues

hello there

well, in showing that i will not hesitate to put basically anything up here, no matter how boring, for your amusement is illustrated, if not personified, with this post right here, folks. the title, look you see, is pretty much as good as it gets, and it won't be getting that good again any time soon.

i appreciate that monday is a day that several of you prefer me to go on about the impending, indeed if not imminent, cow revolution, but alas not today. i didn't see them, i didn't get any pictures, and as i am still suffering with ebola levels of manflu that has scurvy and sarin gas in it i am unable to manufacture an accurate report of their movements.

although, if you are interested, a bull was prancing around with some intention this afternoon. it was probably in a way that lady cows find most erotic, or otherwise in a way that the bull at least believed the lady cows would find to be charged with eroticism. assuming, for the moment, that cows have ideas or notions pertaining to erotica.

so, anyway, my knacked case.

this is the class case for my blueberry, ladies and gents. the one where the hole for the camera lens was not as flush as it could be, which meant that images had some sort of purple hue border to them. as you can see, it's wrecked, if not knacked. it all fell apart on me last night as i scrambled, for your benefit, to get an image of a couple of people looking at a Speedboat that they did not win on Bullseye last night.

so, Kanye at Glastonbury no less. i have a number of friends who think he is boss, i have a number of friends who think he is awful. the best thing about this "surprise" headline act is, of course, the reaction. all of it is, by and large, priceless.

people who bought tickets for Glastonbury complaining about Kanye being a headliner are priceless. they are, after all, the ones who bought the tickets "blind". which is to say that they threw money at it without any idea at all who would be playing. they did this willingly, and then complain about what they get in return for their money? oh, i don't think so. it is worth mentioning - again - that this "headliners only revealed after tickets are sold" nonsense only came in after the disaster of 2008, when the festival did not sell out due to a very, very dull set of headliners being named.

the organizers of Glastonbury complaining that people are complaining? priceless. they truly do want to have their cake and eat it. on the one side they are very, very keen to promote the "yeah, wow, right on man, socialist and liberal we are in it together, it really is all of ours festival" notion of the thing, right up until they point that anyone disagrees with their views. their claim of booking Kanye to show the "diverse and all encompassing nature" of the festival is particularly amusing. as has been the case with all the other entirely randomly selected black American acts they have booked for headliners, the reason is simple - money. with the exchange rate at present, it is an awful lot cheaper - meaning more money for Family Eavis - to book American acts than it is UK ones. simples. although it was nice of the Guardian, no less, to publish their bizarre, right-wing, borderline Thatcherite attack on people daring to criticise them.

people saying that those who object to Kanye are "typical middle class white racists"? priceless. listen, folks, let me reassuringly pat you on the shoulder and let you know - being white and not liking Kanye does not make you racist. it simply means you don't like his music. unless this logic is applied universally, of course, and we can consider every single black person who does not like U2, or the Pet Shop Boys, or even Jedward, to be being blatantly racist in that regard.

the whole tragedy here is that Glastonbury should be something special, that happens to make a good many people an awful lot of money as a consequence. instead it's something that makes an awful lot of money whilst people sit around and pretend it's something special. the headline acts, despite the hundreds of acts booked, do indeed very much "matter" - they are headliners for a reason, and are supposed to reflect how awesome the whole thing is. that's not really happened this year. the 100,000 odd people who bought tickets for what is ostensibly a rock, indie, alternative and general hippie festival are, at heart, not at fault for being somewhat irked at an act that does not readily fit into those categories being booked as a highlighted headliner.

it doesn't really matter who they announce as the third and final headliner - the organizers don't particularly care, so there is no reason at all for anyone else to. a third American act would help boost the profits even more, though.

so, tissues what have been endorsed by one of my all time, top ten, greatest movies of all time, i think. i mean, i am relatively sure that i have seen bits and pieces of this Frozen film. that song that's all about letting something go is off of it, yeah?

i had a requirement for some "travel" or compact tissues, and they were selling these, so i got them.

it's boss, i tell you, simply boss that the packets feature all of my favourite characters across the packaging. there they all are - that thing with the antlers and his mate the snowman, them two lasses and that dude. just amazing, it is, to have them to look at as i sneeze and blow my nose into one of the 10 3-ply tissues which are housed in each packet. 

are these Frozen tissues helping me with my plight in facing down manflu that is loaded with ebola, sarin gas and scurvy? partially. i mean, i have not used one yet, as i still had some tissues left in another packet. but i reckon they will be of some comfort and help when i use them.

right, let me go and take some anti-sarin gas stuff, and try and find some scurvy antidote too. 

i trust that wherever you are you are not as affected by manflu as i am. although, unless you are already dead, it would be impossible to be suffering with it as much as i am. 

so if you are, thank you very much indeed for making the effort to read this from the afterlife. that's amazing, man, that is. 

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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