Saturday, May 31, 2014

beautifying Bessie

hi there

ok, so this is probably the last post of May. well, it is unless in the post arrives that In The Name Of The King rubbish, i somehow watch it all before midnight and feel obliged to do a blog post on it.

speaking of post, two items of an automobile nature arrived. as in respect of 50% of them i was legally compelled to start using one of them today (or tomorrow), i decided that today was indeed as good a day as any to do something i could have done over the last week or so.

right after, of course, i had found where i had shoved them for safe keeping.

i would imagine you can work out what the above is, by means of using either your good eyesight or simply scrolling down to look at the other pictures.

yes indeed, for all of those who have scrolled ahead, my imagination does quite stretch as far as suggesting that a new car / road tax disc thing is a worthwhile subject to do a blog post on. a pretty sad and pathetic life and outlook expressed by me, isn't it?

the tax thing is, of course, of little interest - it is the tax disc holder "for the win" here.

yeah, that's right. i was browsing on them web shops for a car tax disc holder and found one which featured the image of The King, Elvis Presley. i know this means you are all jealous and that because obviously it means i have a better car than you now, but please do not take me for one who is bragging about it or showing off. i just want you all to appreciate the beauty and excellence of it.

i am not sure why they just do not make it a law or requirement that all vehicles of the road must feature an image of The King, Elvis Presley to make them legal. does not have to be just of the road i suppose, could also do it for planes, boats and that.

actually "legal requirement" is how i have got away with this one. James expressed some mild disgust, displeasure and general anger at the idea of having The King, Elvis Presley on proud display in the car. he does not like Him as much as he could, look you see.

i got around this by, in a moment of genius, saying that the British Police made it a law that you had to have The King, Elvis Presley in the car. by jove, golly gosh, he believed it!

the down side, however, is that he says that he "hates" the constabulary for making what he believes to be a "stupid and silly" law. oh, whoops. oh well, i am sure he doesn't really hate them. but if he does, well, so what, small price to pay for the peaceful celebration of my ace new car sticker.

to give you a bit of a break from the formidable excellence of the car, here is my excellent breakfast of choice, pictured for the benefit of my sister during the week.

that is, as you have probably clocked, a bacon and cheese Subway sandwich with a "regular" coffee flavoured coffee. two pounds on the nose, since you asked, is the cost. magnificent it is.

Gillian reckons from a health and budget perspective i should probably have a healthier at home breakfast during the week. she is probably correct and that, but life is easier if i just ignore comments of that nature. not easier, i suppose, better and tastier is what i think i mean.

anyway, back to Bessie. Bessie is called Bessie, as regular readers will be aware, because that is what Gran called the car on one of our regular tours of the magnificent James Cook medical facility. so that is the name of the car from now on.

the only "down" side of this is that i do not get to have as much benefit as i could from driving around showing off The King, Elvis Presley. Bessie is mostly operated by my (considerably) better half, so it is she that will with pride be driving around, letting the people - no matter what lowly, unworthy of it peasant status they have - seeing Him in this fine and splendid image, one that was well worth the 80p or so i spent on it.

i have gone to great lengths via MS Paint, you will see, to cover up any important details of the tax disc. which is a waste, since they are on public display anyway. however, please don't do any fraud or that if you see any details that i did not cover up and that. thanks.

another enhancement i made to Bessie was some extensive new bodywork. here it is.

yeah, it's not really supposed to look like that. the thing is, right, i left the door open on a rather windy day, and it bent the door all the way back with some force, doing the above. whoops.

i should probably get it fixed or mended, but i figure we might sell the car before i bother myself with getting around to that sort of thing. besides, my cousin Robert has not as yet, or as such, gotten around to sharing with me the details of a car mender he says is the most suitable to use.

another look at the class road and car tax sticker of The King, Elvis Presley, but from a different angle? sure, why not.

road and car tax here is excellent. you can pay for it every 6 or 12 months, which helps the budget. a slight downer is that you have to get it checked and tested as being worthy on the road every year too. no such requirement in South Africa, of course, where you only get the road worthiness and suitability of it tested when you buy. and even then, usually one can simply bribe their way to having it declared fit for purpose.

the above is probably why there are a good deal more many accidents on the road in SA, but hey ho, not at all for me to judge such matters.

nope, no sign of this rubbish starring Statham and Liotta in the post yet. either we have not had any post today, or Mr Postie King has not been past us as such. perhaps later, or during the week.

one more look at the car / road tax disc holder sticker of The King, Elvis Presley? done.

back in the realm, briefly, of car maintenance, Robert giving me the details of the car menders would probably be smart, as all sorts of lights keep going off and that. the most recent one seems to relate to breaks or something, or is suggesting that one can do some class skids.

do i have any particular interest in car maintenance? not really any more now that i am north of the equator than i had when i was south of it, in truth. i do miss my team of expert mechanics, in particular Jayson, as and when things like this blip on the car. he is excellent at getting stuff like that sorted out.

anyway, i am off to stand in the road, looking at the class sticker. and maybe eat some ribs or something too.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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