Wednesday, May 14, 2014

subway, dragons, terminator and postal miracles

hi there

well, to meet the wishes of the staggering (to date) nine of you that read, presumably with some enthusiasm, about my new bus pass, here is some more quality bus pass action. eventually. i just hope that your reactions are somewhat more impressive than the two i have had - two that were disappointing and left me, in all honesty, rather heartsore.

but first, business, and the lack thereof. for the last three days i have not been able to have my breakfast of choice. why not? the Subway that i have now taken to using is closed for all that renovation stuff. some of you, one in particular, may wish to see a pictue of it so you know where it is.

i do hope it is back open soon - fantastic staff and an amazing breakfast. a breakfast that comes, no less, with the best takeaway coffee i have sampled on my travels. no, i have not eaten in Banana Leaf next door to it, or if you insist over the road.

right, bus pass. in order to accentuate and enhance the beauty of my new bus pass, the one that is a little bit shiny when compared to the old one, i took myself off to HMV, the leading supplier of card and bus pass holders. and, i think, music. they had many a splendid thing to see in regards of bus pass holders. well, many splendid a thing if you consider Batman, Superman, V for Vendetta and that thing with the midgets and the ring to be splendid.

i was going to settle for one showing Batman and Bane twatting each other, but then i spotted this one.

yeah, a Terminator one! no, i do not know why a CSM-101 would need either a clearance level or a device for holding cards and bus passes in, but there you go, i now have the same one what a T-800 would presumably have.

the DVD arrived in the post, which was somewhat unexpected. i only ordered it at the weekend and here it is, whereas ones i ordered last week have yet to arrive. hey ho. as for what exactly it, the film Age Of The Dragons, is, well, you might recall that the trailer for it was one of the few positives of the JCVD film UFO, which i endured and wrote of so you don't have to.

if you cannot be particularly bothered to click on the link in yellow and read of the trailer, basically it claims to be "Moby Dick, but with dragons and Vinnie Jones and him off of Lethal Weapon that does not have alcohol related spiritual crisis moments, or at least not quite as well advertised ones". how bad can it be? i will watch it to find out, and tell you.

in the mean time, though, a closer look at my class new bus pass card holder thing, and a glimpse of the back of the DVD box too. bonus.

it says on the top of the box that it is the "Director's Cut Special Edition" of Age Of The Dragons. hmn. i wonder if i will be missing out by watching this without seeing the presumably studio endorsed original edit released unto the world? the reviews floating around of any version are not at all that promising, but hey ho, Vinnie and all that. and dragons.

now then, i promised you a postal miracle and i shall, if you will forgive the indulgence of a play on words of sorts, deliver to you a postal miracle. behold, for the South African Post Office - bless them - managed to deliver the birthday card for my brother on time!

nice one! how superb and kind of them to just simply do the job for which they are paid to do. and delighted to see that it arrived mate, hope you had a good time!

and with that diversion, back to the world of my bus pass holder and smart new DVD, that might actually be a really rubbish film.

the DVD itself does not suggest it is either special or a director's cut, as you can see below. i suspect i have been duped by a marketing ploy, dear readers, in which they have simply put the disc into a fancy new cover in the wild hope people are attracted to buying more than one copy. but not really duped, as i only bought one copy and have no intention of buying another.

unless, and yeah i accept all of the following is unlikely, of course the film turns out to be amazingly brilliant class, right, and it snaps or something and thus i feel a need to have a replacement copy.

oh yes, the general levels of dismay i got about my smart bus pass when knowledge of its existence was shared. the child of the condiment phoenix, when i mentioned i had got something to beautify my bus pass with, just asked if i couldn't have stored it in my wallet. my (considerably) better half was not all that much better, just looking at it with a sort of "oh" expression before asking what it was, exactly.

i am trying not to be disheartened (or however you spell it) by this, for i am happy with it. i can only trust one or two of you also recognize what a class thing this is.

am i not, you may well indeed be within your rights to ponder if not directly ask, going to feel like a bit of a tit, walking around at 41 years of age carrying something that reckons i can gain access to Level 4 of the SkyNet division of Cyberdyne Systems? maybe, but probably not.

i think, as shown in this selfie not taken in a voting booth, i look rather smart with it.

i shall be waving it around at the bus driver dude tomorrow and hope that he is as impressed as i am. it will be a dude, by the way, as lady bus drivers seem not to be an actual thing anymore.

and that's about that, really. sorry, no scrolling text again - will throw some in soon for your entertainment!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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