Sunday, May 04, 2014

book, beckham and tea

hi there

it, dear reader, struck me as somewhat easier to get the iTwat on the go and take some pictures than it did to simply clean up the blueberry phone camera thing. i noted with some interest, mind that the iTwat is also rather full, so no doubt i shall be required to clean that up at some point to. well, not clean. do that sort of back up stuff.

using the iTwat does, of course, afford one the potential to view some magnificent pictures taken in Commodore 64 mode with the scan lines on. and, indeed, with the dither thing on the go too, for those of you who like it.

a big(ish) warning at the start here is that there might be one or two images that spoil your enjoyment of that whole Game Of Thrones thing is you have not as yet watched the first three or so episodes of series four. so be warned, you are, look you see.

but to leave aside, for the moment, any such spoiler nonsense, the deo thing i am using and intend to use. actually this could all be a spoiler, i suppose, if for some reason you were wondering how it is i am able, or enabled, to smell as i do but did not wish to know until such time as you thought it more relevant to the plot or what not.

that last bit was just silly. anyway, this rather priapic-ish image on the side is the deodorant stuff i am currently using. yeah, that's right, the Pro For Men stuff that they sell at Tesco. it is the one i have found which seems to have a scent that is the least reminding to the nose of lemon scented bug spray.

do i like it? sort of, yes. of all the ones i have experimented with, however, it seems to be the one that my (considerably) better half likes the most, so stick with it, i shall. it serves its purpose in general, at least to the extent that no one to my face has said that i smell rather bad. if they do so behind my back, well, that's up to them, but if they were hoping to effect a change in that they really would be rather better off saying it to my face. or leaving a message or something about it.

eventually - possibly soon - i shall however be using this. no, not the blended shampoo featuring lemon, the cans on either side of that splendid, lemon loaded stuff.

yes. that's right. they are two tins of deodorant that have apparently been endorsed, if not designed and made, by him that did the football and that. Beckham something, if memory serves right. an American, i think, or possibly Spanish. either way, they as far as i know, smell no worse than anyone else on Earth, so he is no doubt qualified to present unto me items that will make me smell in an acceptable way.

Spiros, to my knowledge, uses one of these quite a bit. well, when he is not listening to Rick Astley on the radio, which now seems to be the thing that makes him happiest on a weekend.

not that Spiros could tell you any more about what a Beckham is than this post has. he is drawn to the fact that one of the tins, as you can see clearly in Commodore 64 mode alone, has "homme" written on it. for reasons best known to himself, Spiros is quite drawn to this word, eager to own and use products that feature it. i believe it has something to do with his ambitions in respect of living a life that its predominantly Parisian, or some other area of France that has taken his fancy.

how does this Beckham branded blended deo smell? very difficult to explain in words on a blog, really, for several reasons. one of the main, if not chief, of those reasons would be that i have no idea at all. sadly at this stage your humble narrator has not found the bravery or the moral fibre needed to even have a sneaky sample smell, let alone use it. i am uncertain, look you see, if i am yet ready to brave the ways of the Beckham lifestyle. there are, certainly, members of the Spice Girls that i would accept as being part of my life, but it is all that showing off underwear and having Gary Neville know your address that concerns me. i am not against things like that as such, but not sure i want them.

i have always assumed, indeed presumed, that there are thousands of blogs similar to this out there in the world, spouting similar nonsense, although probably better written and using as many capital letters as is required to stop one going tsk, tsk. so thanks for stopping by and reading this one.

right, i am back. sorry, my other Aunty (Susan) was wondering what would it be like if we went to James Cook on a Sunday as well as a Saturday. rather pleasant, if you were asking. the parking system they have on the go there is interesting, to say the least. quite a maze.

i promised you possible spoilers from that Game Of Thrones thing, that show where everyone is just always rude and nasty to everyone else (except in instances where they are related, but let us not go there). i know some people who have just stopped watching because they have seen the only bit that they wanted to, and now consider the series over.

so here it is, in the magic of Commodore 64 mode with dithering very much on.

from my side i have no reason to stop watching it, as several people who i find less offensive than most of the cast are pretty much alive in it. but if they decide to make no more, well, i would not miss it in the way that i, to this day, miss FlashForward. brilliant, that was.

now then, back to the world of Spiros that some of you like to learn of. a few weeks ago, and i appreciate i have been somewhat slow in reporting this, a parcel arrived for me. the postman type chap apparently found us not at home, so left it with someone else on our street who kindly came along and dropped it off.

i had actually forgotten that Spiros was chatting to a chap that offered him a copy of the Qur'an, and that Spiros had decided that he should rather arrange to send a copy to me instead.

very thoughtful of him, even requesting that they, for reasons best known to himself, address me as Reverend, and have S J as my initials. i can only imagine that he has ideas of some sort of bizarre secret life i have on the go where i use that title and those initials. i stopped asking such things of him quite some time ago, more than a decade to be honest. just accepting it all makes life a lot easier, and eases any thoughts of guilt as and when retaliation or revenge need to be extracted.

not that a lot shall be done in matters of revenge here. will i be reading the assorted literature that Spiros sent me? quite likely, yes. one should always try and understand these things, and curiosity sees me wish to have a look.

i suspect, however, i won't be taking it with me and reading it on the bus. far too big to put in the pocket of my jacket, look you see, it is. and another number of reasons, to be sure, but best left at being rather impractical to carry it about.

ah! and in moving on a little bit, this self-portrait, or if you like selfie. i had forgotten about this until i plugged Mr iTwat into Mr Computer.

i was in bed one evening, you see look, and leaned over to switch on the device to have a listen to something before drifting off to sleep. what? some Douglas Adams, maybe, or Mary Whitehouse Experience or possibly even the late, brilliant George Carlin. to my surprise, when i managed to get the touch screen thing working, i found that it was on sleep mode with the Commodore 64 camera still running, and by accident took this picture.

a surprise selfie, then.

why does everything off of Apple have to be all touch screen? they are like Nigel Tufnel with folded bread in this regard, really they are. if they made one of them iTwat phones that can transform practically any user into an instant dick with some proper buttons on it i would be very interested in considering one of them, or at least having a look. but this touch screen nonsense is just a gimmick, and one that has to go away, just like 3D.

and yes it is a gimmick, actually. if it wasn't, then more proper PCs would have it, right, and Microsoft would have sold a lot more of that Windows 8 thing. so there.

so yes, that spolier pic off of Game Of Thrones again for you, only this time with Scan Lines rather than that whole dithering business. see which one you prefer.

for me it is a really tough call, to be honest. everything presented via the camera of the Commodore 64 looks, as i may well have mentioned before, better than anything else, ever. feel free to use both liberally and freely, but do give spoiler warnings if you share this particular picture.

now then, where else to finish off but with tea. and not any tea, but proper, real tea. yes, that does indeed mean Yorkshire tea.

and not just Yorkshire tea either, but Gold Yorkshire tea. that means the best there is, which it must be, as the logo thing on the box says that this is the stuff that Prince Chalres uses, and one does not imagine he is a man that either drinks lesser tea or is a chap that one would seek to displease by bringing him tea that might upset him.

of course it is not actually tea that is grown in Yorkshire; the back of the box speaks of it being grown in Kenya, Rwanda and some other place that i cannot recall. it is, however - get this - blended in Yorkshire, and blended to perfection.

i am assuming that some advertising research - possibly a coke fuelled thinking tank - has determined that "blending" is the new key and buzz word to use as often as possible, as that will attract the consumers. good luck with that.

as i am as proud of my Yorkshire heritage as i am my Welsh, look you see, i obviously prefer this tea to all others. and so should you, but no i am not posting it to New Zealand before you ask.

how does this Gold version of Yorkshire Tea taste? no idea at all, really. it was with some magazine about Yorkshire that him that does the gardens and that, Alain Tittmarks or something, that i delivered to James Cook earlier today. 

and, to go back to the night before or if you like about last night, one of the pictures that i mentioned Trevor had, in his Uncle capacity, taken to distributing as a task.

a rarity, this is - one of those family pictures that was taken by someone else, and not done via the efforts of a group selfie.

many thanks Trev! great picture from a great night, even i look halfway decent in it!

and yes, sorry that the above is not in Commodore 64 mode.

well, that will be that, then, as i seem to have run out of things to say for the moment! more, no doubt, later. maybe sooner rather than later, but with all things relative, later to now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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