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hi again

well, i promised more, and here it is.

it would be fair to say that, over the years and over the countries, i have been fortunate enough to attract several friends who would sit and stare at this next one for a while then declare that they were off to buy these threads and wear only these threads for the rest of their life, for this reflects the life that they want to have. in fact yes, some live this life.

there is not one element in the avove picture, i am sure you will agree dear reader, that is not awesome, epic and brilliant. bonus points, though, for the angry Mexican on violin, as well as for getting Lindsey Buckingham in to do the cello, or double bass, or whatever the hell that is.

now, if for some reason you were wondering what one could watch on ITV on Christmas Day back in 1973, here you go.

a mix of Tarby, Tommy Cooper, the news and Frank Sinatra.

i recall the days when we had three, then four, TV channels. it always seemed class in America, when we were growing up, that they had hundreds of channels. now that we have that, it's all a bit "oh", really. in retrospect, less channels was in fact better - it was all more quality that finding the quantity to fill the airwaves, and with the limited choices everyone watched the same stuff, so you were always talking to someone that had seen what you had seen.

or maybe that's just me being a grumpy old so and so. no matter, onwards, then, to the exciting world of making graphics on something called a computer, way back in 1976.

inexpensive graphics, no less. on a cathode ray tube that for some reason featured storage.

i cannot say any more above the above other than what you see, so let us move on to the world of Star Wars. or rather the most evil, dangerous characters in the world of Star Wars - the Ewoks.

some people, in particular the rabid "fanboy" element, get their knickers in a right twist about Ewoks. some dismiss them as cute teddy bears, something that has "no place" in Star Wars. they are partially correct in this regard, as they certainly did not have a place in the world of family entertainment. if anything, the Ewoks were the demented forerunners to the Christmas Critters Cartman invented on South Park.

anyone who describes Ewoks as cute & cuddly has not seen Return Of The Jedi. they are introduced via one of their number attempting to sexually assault Princess Leia. this in turn leads to their plan to cook Han Solo alive and then eat him. after that it's all stoning people to death, and then presumably eating those stoned to death as they used the left over uniforms to make drums out of.

sounds like perfect material to make some toys out of, as shown above.

here is some chocolate and some cigarettes to take your mind off of the above.

yes, cigarettes really are that expensive here. i should work a good deal harder on that whole quitting / cutting down considerably thing. it is, in my defence, the only vice i have left, however. so maybe.

moving on, then, and two films that would appear to be slightly less horrific than what is offered by them nasty, evil Ewok things.

i do really like the idea of a "his and her" double bill, but i am somewhat lost as to which one is for him and which one is for her out of these two horror films. perhaps both are for both, or indeed neither.

i posted this mostly as the second one, Superbeast, looks quite how i would imagine the poster for a film of the book i am reading at the moment, Bible Of The Dead, would look. it has been all skulls with holes in them and humans bred with animals so far, in Cambodia, no less, and, of all places, France. a very strange book it is, but interesting enough reading on the bus on a morning, and sometimes the afternoon too.

speaking of movies, fans of celebrated magazine for the kids Look-In will no doubt be pleased to see this presentation of a factfile for one of the single most class films of the 80s.

it just, as you can see, seems to skip over the "J" element of his name, and indeed does not mention that the director of Flash Gordon didn't like him and showed him this by getting another actor to overdub his voice.

still, class film it was, and indeed is. in the top two of films what Queen did a soundtrack for.

right, here you go, a bit of late 70s or possibly early 80s techonology for you, by them bastards at Sony.

yeah, that's right, portable TV. you kids today think that with your iTwats and Samsung things you all invented the world of portable television, what with your being able to watch The Only Way Is Essex on your phones as you do a spew outside of a nightclub. not so, see, we have convenient portable television back then to watch all three channels on.

on the side there, as you can see, we even had USB and memory card ports. well, no we didn't. they are porbably something to do with volume control and might even have a headphone port or something too. but you could probably force a USB stick into it, if you really wanted to. might work, although Sony, as leaders of being against consumers, probably built it to anticipate and reject as non-compatible all things like memory sticks.

blimey, i have uploaded a whole load of pictures here. probably too many. anyway, let me try and write things of interest around them. you people all like Star Wars, don't you, so here, have some more of it.

this is one of them sticker books for Star Wars, look you see. i think it is from Italy, or maybe Greece or somewhere. nice one that they had both Star Wars and sticker books. not sure if such things ever reached Belgium, but you never know.

inside the book it seems that they, whoever they are, pretty much got the same standard images we all did as stickers. however, i do not recall our English ones featuring "concept art" as stickers. i have decided to pilfer, lift and show the concept art ones that i have no memory of seeing before, then. like this one.

and this one, one that suggests Luke was supposed to have knacked the Death Star, or if you like the Star of Death, in a Y Wing, not an X Wing.

the stupid blonde bimbo probably got into the wrong plane at that base on Yavin or whatever. the dozy bastard.

here is a non-concept art one, but one that to me seems like it might be a production still rather than a shot from the actual film, as i do not recall this guru sort of fella appearing in the actual movie from this angle.

no doubt someone somewhere will actively look for the exact scene in Star Wars to show me how it does appear in the film exactly as above. which would be appreciated, but a total waste of their own time, and the time of anyone else they show it to. just move on, man.

but let us not move on from Star Wars, not when there are more class toys to show off.

yes, oh yes, that is indeed a class Boba Fett. no i do not have one and yes i would love to have an ace Boba Fett action figure. as much then as i still do now. Boba is ace, he is.

you are, however, looking at the character next to Boba Fett. you are saying "that looks like it might be supposed to be The Emperor but it is so spaz if it is that surely it is not and instead it is a different character from the film that i have forgotten about". actually, alas, according to the writing that was with the picture, it is indeed supposed to be The Emperor. presumably it is based on that time in Return Of The Jedi when The Emperor decided to pretend to be Gandalf.

yes, i know you are not really interested in my writing but do want to see more class Star Wars toys, so here you go.

the Skiff guard looks quite class from them, as does that fella that looked after that Rancour thing, the one that Luke knacked. i think i had one of them red Imperial Guards, quite smart they were.

more? OK. these are also billed as Return Of The Jedi related, which seems odd. i think it's more that they are "still available". or were in 1983.

a lot of them only appeared in the first two films, or just one of the two. like, for instance, Lobot, that one that had the prototype bluetooth set on his head in Cloud City. and Snaggletooth is there, him out of that bar place in the first one.

more? sure.

i was very lucky to have a few of them, but by no means did i have them all. as you are aware, from my constant moans and groans, i certainly did not have Boba Fett. i have two or so Jango Fett ones now, but Jango is not Boba.

enough of Star Wars, then. except it also features on this next picture. this picture i found when trying to look for the Superman III comic i mentioned yesterday - no, alas, did not find it.but anyway, look at the rather interesting other thing on this magazine cover. no, not that, the other thing.

yeah. that image of Bowie. that, i am guess, is from The Hunger, that lesbo vampire film he did when taking a break from recording the vibes for the kids. is it me, or does Bowie there, in 83, made up to look aged, look more than a little bit like the Gary "Gaz" Oldman we know today? spooky. or maybe not.

why is it that a pack of honey roasted peanuts cost £2? that's insane, that is. is it all something to do with this Osborne bloke, the one that no one likes?

dry roasted are not much cheaper, either.

anyway, for those of you looking at this blog for some sort of fashion tips and advice, well, you perhaps need help more than you are aware. as, however, white suits recently came up - i think it was all to do with a discussion about Charles Dance - here you go, here are some stylish clothes.

very smart that suit is. and the shirt is amazing too.

phew, nearly done on all these pictures. i for some reason thought that some of you might be wondering what Spanish foods Derek Nimmo got all excited and enthusiastic about, way back in the 70s. it is an honour to end that particular bout of sleepless nights for you with this class excerpt from a magazine, then.

ace that he was called "El Nimmo" for the purpose of an article on Spanish food, that's really rather clever, that is. probably where they got the idea to call that Torres lad, him that does the football, El Nino from, or whatever they called him. Torres certainly borrowed Derek Nimmo's hairstyle.

no, i do not have any mustard coloured shirts like what Derek Nimmo apparently wears. i shall certainly consider buying one on the basis of the above. i am not too sure, however, about the tie.

wondering what was on TV on ITV on Monday October 29 1979? here you go.

i think most people probably just went down the pub that night, or maybe watched something on BBC instead. i have no idea what i would have watched. probably not all that much, since i was 6 or so.

now then, on to the last one, and a bit of misguided nostalgia, i suppose. here's a poster for a film called Zoltan. i have never seen it, but that is not to say there was never a chance to watch it.

this was one of several very interesting titled and looking videos available to rent from the petrol station at Marton Shops. we never did rent this one, though - partially because we probably would have got knacked for renting it if caught, but mostly because it no doubt looked just too damned scary.

a lost opportunity, really, since one cannot go and rent anything off of the petrol station at Marton Shops anymore. it seems there's now a dentist or something there instead. oh dear. perhaps i will have a look around on that "internet" thing for it.

right, that's a whole whack of pics and comments for you for the day today. hopefully one or two have been of passing interest, at the least!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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