Thursday, May 01, 2014

subway, thrones and geography

hi there

my blueberry phone camera thingie keeps doing a sort of "whwhwhwwahahawhwa" thingie telling me that i am running out of space for pictures on it. useless, useless b@stard thing it is, is this the standard for Canadian technology is it? taking us back to the days of 35 picture camera film? there are only about 700 pics on my blueberry, hardly excessive.

anyway, perhaps i had best shut it up by deleting one or two images off of it, so best i upload a few here so they may be preserved and cherished for as long as such a thing as blogger, and internets, exist.

this, ladies and gentlemen, is the Subway of my choice. it has been closed for the last few days, look you see, for renovations. which leaves me rather at a loose end as to what to do in the rather more essential parts of town early in the morning.

the good news would be that the "open" light was on this afternoon, so i am guessing they are ready for me to return to them tomorrow. nice one.

yes, indeed, at the time i go past the Ann Summers shop is closed too, so i cannot even go in and browse there for quality garments of the underwear variety. and indeed designed more with a lady in mind to wear. but it does not hurt to have a look, you know. maybe they've started a range for the gentry, too.

moving on, and confusion is the one sitting on the iron throne of HMV. i have given them a week to clock this one and change it, but they have not, so here is the picture.

yeah, that's right. the big sign says that Series 1 of Game Of Thrones will cost one a penny shy of twenty notes, whereas the sticker on the actual discs argues quite a bit, saying that in fact it will cost you just one penny below the fifteen note threshold. that's a five note disparity right there kids. yes, indeed, i am using the "American, ghawddammnniitt i say booooi" keyboard that is the only sort one could get in South Africa, i have not bought a "dear old Blighty" proper English one as yet, so I have no dedicated key for the Pound Sterling sign and the keyboard shortcut doesn't work on blogger, right, and when i copy and paste off of Word or something i have to cock, if not dick, about with font formats to make it look right and all nice nice for you.

so that's why i write notes instead of doing the Pound sign. just in case you had questions.

anyway, i shall probably not buy the Game Of Thrones box set, then. either i will feel that i have stolen a fiver off of HMV, or i will feel that they have pinched one off of me. so i will just leave it, which is a shame, as this was the series that featured that guy in that film where they did the stripping and that, also that guy from that film that was the only decent Bond the puffy Irish one with the nancy boy voice made.

oh yes, today was also the official 25th anniversary reunion of Mr Bryant's "Class Of 1989" Geography class. the planning and that was immaculate, but the advertising was perhaps not all that it could be.

now to the untrained eye, yes, granted, that there were just the two of us there might seem like it was somewhat poorly attended. this is, however, not the case. there were only 6 or 8 of us in the class, look you see, so the percentage of us that made it to the unadvertised, spontaneous reunion is actually in a double figure percentage.

a wonderful, wonderful reunion it was too. we could have had a 20th one too, actually, except we were on somewhat different sides of the equator thingie in Africa. bit of an admin mishap.

anyway, that will do for this first post for May. who knows who else i may meet this fine month?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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