Saturday, May 24, 2014

star wars, sun hat, sixth day and scroll

hi there

not all that much, to tell the truth. i just haven't updated here for 2 or so days, so thought i had better check in with something random.

here's some sort of 'concept art' i stumbled upon for all that Star Wars thing. i am led to believe that this in some way related to an idea for a castle or fortress that the Darth Vader chap was going to live in, or possibly hold meetings or something at.

he was a bit too nomadic, from what i recall, to have a house or castle as such, wasn't he? i do not recall any incidental footage of Vader taking a bit of a break and relaxing at home. he seemed far too interested in bolting all over the galaxy looking for people who displeased him to do them smart "death choke" things on.

if Star Wars was all a bit more like that thing where the midgets wandered over a field, fell in love and threw random jewellery into a fire then i suppose there would have been a bit of a margin for a house for Vader. one that he could have sat in and had breakfast or something, i suppose.

actually looks more like an airport terminal waiting area than a castle.

so anyway, me sort of quitting / cutting down considerably on the smoking front for you, in a sun hat as it was raining quite a bit earlier today.

friends, colleagues, managers (quite cross or otherwise) of the former variey from my former verk over in the Africa of the South might well recognize this hat, if they are of a certain age. it was part of some sort of Spring Day celebration. R10 i paid to retain it, i believe. a shrewd, if not outright astute, investment.

in keeping with the title of this blog, i recently found myself purchasing The Sixth Day, featuring that one from Austria. no, not that one, the other one. the big one with the muscles and haircut and that. Arnold something.

i mention it only because i was recently asked, anonymously, by the child of the condiment phoenix if my class skills at scrolling text extended to scrolling pictures. so here it is, let's see if it works.

except i didn't actually buy The Sixth Day. it is that Last Action Hero i was after. a horrid, rubbish film it is, really, coming from that era of American cinema, or if you like films made in America, when an annoying, whiny, headache-inducing child was the absolute must-have in any movie.

that said, i have found myself a party to a debate about how Charles Dance was quite smart in it, and how him being smart in it was mostly related to wearing a white suit. for the sake of 1p, plus a not entirely unreasonable postage cost, i thought i had better have another look at it.

oh dear, that Candy Crush Saga thing is not working at the moment.

i am quite worried, then, about my chums Sharpy and Jonathan, who rather like playing this. Jonathan in particular is delighted whenever someone sends him requests for the game.

people seem to take the game rather seriously, so i imagine several forums and things across the internet are currently breaking down with people in a panic. especially from those that invest $1000 or so a day on "extras" for it.

yeah, if it was up, running and working at the moment i would probably be playing it instead of writing this, so apologies on that front.

anyway, another image from that class castle that looks a bit like a bus terminal that someone drew some pictures of in the hope that someone might have built it for Darth Vader.

nope, i have no idea why Boba Fett would be just hanging around, either. maybe he popped in to see if there were any disintegrations or similar required.

the other four characters? no clue. maybe prototype things of the other bounty hunters that appeared in Empire Strikes Back. Bossk one of them was called, i think, or something like that.

anyway, you are probably only interested in the Star Wars pics so i shall just leave this at that.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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