Wednesday, May 21, 2014

senegal and seagal

hi there

i appreciate i have said this before, right, but some days i really do go "oh no, i have nothing of interest to put on the blog, what if i never, ever get anything of passing interest to post". something always happens, as regular readers are aware. actually, not even the most regular of readers - first timers here (welcome) can cast their eyes over 10 or so years of posts on the menu at the side.

no, not the top five thing i have recently added, lower than that.

anyway, to start at the start of the title of this post, let's skip to the end and deal with the matter of Seagal that is known as Steven. or maybe it's Stephen, but i am almost certain it's the V versions of spelling he uses.

here is Executive Decision, in which he features. he had quite "and" billing on the poster and cover in South Africa, heralding his appearance like he is some sort of distinguished character actor and it was an honour to have had him make himself available to appear in a film starring that Snake bloke off Escape From New York. i suppose the idea was to lure in ardent Seagal films so they could experience the magic and charisma of Mr Goldie Hawn, or whatever his name is, doing his thing. and yeah, that is him in Soldier underneath, the film that people forget is a quasi-sequel to Blade Runner.

the Vinnie Jones film, or if you like film that Vinnie is in, is something to do with a whole load of murder and conspiracy stuff surrounding an unpublished Charles Dickens novel. yep, baffled me too, that did, so i ordered it.

i am winding down a particular account, look you see, so am throwing random orders at 1p discs off of amazon marketplace before issuing one of them cancel the account i have wound down letter things. but more of that later. you people want Senegal, and here it is.

well, Senegalese wrestling, or if you are of a mind to see it so, wrestling that happens in Senegal.

if you looked at the above picture, right, and thought "that really looks like a Spiros thing", well then well done you. yes, Spiros sent me this picture. he expressed his dismay that he would not be able to attend it himself as such, but wondered if i would be interested in nipping over to Senegal to go and see this.

it is unlikely, i must confess, that i will make it to Senegal any time soon. this is more of a circumstance thing than it is a choice one. i thought i would clear that up, in case anyone thought that i had something against Senegalese wresting and was refusing to go on those grounds. it is not the case.

it will be a shame to miss it, but Spiros is having a word with a chap he knows in the vicinity, see if he can't make one of them video things of it for us to have a gander. if this happens, i shall surely let you know.


it came to mind earlier today that some of you might suspect, for whatever reason you would care to do so, that my infrequent yet alarmingly often updates on the Bongo are nothing more than elaborate forgeries, all faked to try and create an image of me being far more interesting than i am.

well, not true, as you can see here. i decided a selfie, of me having some spectacular success with all that quitting / cutting down considerably on the smoking front thing, stood in the area of the Bongo would quell if not kill any ideas that i am in some way, and for some reason, faking it. yeah, granted, this could have been done on photoshop and that, but i am not at all good with that software and anyway i do not at the moment even have that software. so you will just have to accept this is real.

also real, apparently and according to some online test thing, in the realm of twats, my persona is actually that of legendary Phil Collins. well, that legendary twat Phil Collins, at least according to whoever it is that created and devised this test thing.

am i happy about being Phil Collins in the twat stakes? it's not really a matter of emotion i suppose, one has to accept the realities of scientific tests. it could have been worse, i suppose, as surely Sting was a potential option, but it could have been better. Bono, after all, is considered and indeed rather widely celebrated as a twat, but i rather like him.

now that i think on, my twat persona being Phil is reasonably justified. in the days that i partook in a drink or two loaded with alcohol, the point at which i and sobriety departed, or twisted if yoy want to go all Sinita Twickenham or whatever she was called, was most commonly signposted by me doing an impromptu, solo, however you say or spell that a capella thing, version of Against All Odds. there is a link between that and the fact that i do not drink so much anymore, yes.

if anyone feels like remaking that film that he did the song for, the name of which escapes me at the moment, then yes, i could be persuaded to record my version of it and let them use it for reasonable rates. Jeff Bridges was in it, i remember, and James Woods. no not that one, the other one.

here, whilst we await the remake of that film, are all the discs that arrived today.

now that i consider the era, Seagal made Executive Decision when he was at something of a conflict of the crossroads of his career. or maybe he was at the crossroads of conflict in his art, i don't know. at this stage he was more or less known as a robust, somewhat burly man of action with a particular interest in playing diverse characters - a chef, a Buddhist doctor scientist dude, that sort of thing - who were all intrinsically linked by the fact that they were all class at doing the kung fu, with a particular interest in snapping the wrists of those that displeased him. there is a compelling case, indeed, to suggest that the entire mosaic of Steven Seagal's body of work is actually all different elements of the same character; a character who really relishes breaking wrists.

anyway, at the time he did that film with Snake, he was torn between acting, doing his class music (country and western, i believe) and selling authentic herbal remedy stuff off of the internet. the conclusion was probably that cameo, character and method acting were not for him.

here is a picture off of that Who Wants To Be A Millionare show thing.

so yeah, i have kind of run out of things of interest to write here, which yes indeed is saying quite a thing in the light of what, above, i apparently do consider to be interesting enough.

more as and when it happens, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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