Friday, May 09, 2014

from a spew to a yawn and cat thing

hi there

not all that much for you, in honest, but on the off (and very good) chance that i do not get time, or simply cannot be bothered, to do an update or 12 over the weekend, here you go, look you see.

first off, and how that poor, misunderstood chap Oscar is getting on. and oh dear, what a shame, he is clearly quite bored with it all now, all that fuss, going on the yawn.

gone, then, it seems are the days of him having a spew when shown images of his handiwork, and indeed gone are the days of him doing all that "oh woe is me" stuff about what he presents as being just a minor murder and only the slightest possible misuse of a firearm.  gone also, it seems, is most of the interest in all of this. well, they have had the election over there and that which has drawn attention, and all the more interesting / juicy stuff has been and gone. it seems the press box is mostly empty these days, which means someone called "Wollie" did not have an audience as he expressed how class bullets are, and there seems to be no fighting to get into the court audience seating area place thing.

it sounds like there might be a verdict in all of this "soon". the approach of the defence in calling witnesses, and forgive me i am no expert, seems to be along the lines of "winging it", although Oscar suggesting that his lawyers take some of the blame for it all is a nice touch. anyhow, i am sure comment to follow as and when it is all over. if, of course, anyone notices, what with the diminishing interest.

meanwhile, one of them cat things that people likes. my friend Jonathan does, and several other people, so here you go.

and that will do for this post, cheers.

hang on a minute

does this scrolling thing work?

wow yes it does!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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