Sunday, May 18, 2014

adventures in diesel

hello there

well, what a glorious, magnificent and beautiful day it is today - both with the weather in mind as i say that and the astonishing journey of learning and wisdom we undertook. i can only trust and hope you will embrace elements of both as you read and observe.

my (considerably) better half, look you seen, woke up today with a mind to be a little bit saucy and somewhat cheeky. yes, that's right - she woke up all aroused, willing and ready to learn that most interesting of tasks; how one puts fuel into a car.

so here, then, captured for all of forever or however long internets last, is her first ever go at putting unspecified fuel, also known as diesel, into a car. we are reasonably sure that this is the right thing to put into it.

she was, as you would expect, a bit nervous at first. would it hurt? would she get icky liquids all over her? all reasonable fears. after a little bit of hesitation, and some wide-eyed looks at how big the hose, so to speak, was, she took a big, firm grip on it, thrust it all the way in and was pumping away like she had been doing it her whole life.

yes, i agree, it is a little strange that she, at the age of just over twenty if you consider all things relative, had not done this before. well, i was glad to be there for her. it is not her fault, i suppose, that she was born into an opulent, bourgeoise, luxurious life of prestige and privilege, one where she merely had to park in a petrol station, hoot and have one of the oppressed proletariat do all of the petrol and basic car maintenance stuff for her.

but that life has gone now, and she has to resort to and rely on her own wits to survive in all this crazy first world scenario i have thrown her at. the evidence, certainly in this picture where she is all bright eyed, bushy tailed and screechingly excited as she thrusts away pumping, all say that she is meeting the challenge.

the chap at the petrol station, obviously aware of the fact that this was her first step on a highway to putting your own fuel in your car, was suitably compassionate, kind and congratulatory. when i sent her in to pay for it - with my money, of course, she is not all that keen to show off how clever she is in a financial sense - he gave her a little pat on the head and expressed how impressed he was with her natural flair and ability at doing it.

and so, despite obviously being rather shagged out and weak at the knees from the experience, off we went on a little drive. well, one hardly puts fuel in a car and then does not go for a drive around. unless of course one has popped off to the fuel place, petrol station i think commoners call it, to top up before going on a drive the next day or something.

here you go then - here's my (considerably) better half commanding Bessie on the streets; burning off as much of the fuel that i paid for as she could manage.

not all of us, it has to be said, thought that this thing today was all that a good idea. James decided to go and visit Aunty instead, having no particular interest in watching Mummy do whatever it was she wanted to do at a petrol station.

William was very interested, however, and came along. i promise you he was a good deal more interested and, as point of fact, a good deal less nervous than this picture might suggest.

and what a super lovely drive it was too, really. a wonderful day in the weather world, and a magnificent part of the earth that we went around, burning up diesel with the kind of gay abandon you might expect as only being reserved for the time that a third Bush took power in the States and we would all be dead anyway, so it didn't really matter what one did to the environment. i think it's that Jeb or Jed one that want a go next; should be enormous fun.

out of the windscreen, or through it if there's anyone feeling somewhat pedantic and correct, was probably not the best means and medium for me to take a picture, but here you go anyway.

our travels, amongst other places that i am not of a mind to speak of at the moment, took us to the magnificence of Subway for a bite to eat or, to say it in the most English of ways possible, a spot of lunch.

the chap at the Subway seemed exceptionally enthusastic for me to have the receipt for what we bought, more so than usual. here, there you go, have a look at it.

quite a baffling amount of encoded codes, annotations and incomprehensible things all over that, there is, for the sake of a few sandwiches. if you have any idea at all what's going on in the above, well, bravo you.

what's that, you want to see another image of my (considerably) better half displaying bravery and skill in burning off the fuel that i had just paid for? sure, why not.

and that's me just about, if not all but, done for the weekend. a busy one it has been, and i am knacked. oh yes, did watch that film i got with Guy Pearce in it, but the review will have to be later. i thought it far more important to show off the petrol or diesel thing.

good luck to all of you with all your fuel stuff!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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