Wednesday, May 28, 2014

further FAGS by SPIROS

hello there

well, the title of this blog post pretty much tells you what to expect, but let us pretend that you did not see the title and are just reading this "blind" so i can build up some sort of element of surprise.

not one, not three, not several, but two items of interest arrived in the post today, some of them even partially addressed to me. i am sorry, but i shall never stop being in awe of a postal system that works properly. you have no idea what misery is caused by an unreliable, bad postal service. well, you don't unless you are reading this in South Africa.

behold, then, the parcels.

in the brown one was not, somewhat alas, some filth or mucky books as you may have expected. no, far from it, it was some very healthy and good for you Marlboro. all the way from the tropics of Senegal, thanks to my dear chum Spiros. nice one mate, much appreciated.

by the way, cheers to all of you that have noted the "testimonials" thing i added. took ages to do, that. in a week or so, or when bored, i will change and freshen up the quotes. thanks for the ace suggestions provided so far.

oh yes, you will want to see the mountain of Marlboro. look, behold, admire, appreciate.

apparently me not doing capital letters is a bit of an issue again. like it is my fault that both the poster for the silence of the lambs and the cover of the first tin machine album look so ace all in lower case.

we shall get to the healthy aspect of these Marlboro later, but it is worth here mentioning how cost effective they seem to be in the land of Senegal, wherever that is. Africa, somewhere, maybe. it seems that the incident from a few years ago where Marlboro started selling cheap there continues today, going on the price Spiros quoted me on these. if not lower now than then, if you click on the link and behold how fortunate the people of Senegal are.

if that lower price is something to do with being exploited, then i would very much like to encourage Philip Morris to pop over here and just go right ahead and exploit the hell out of my arse, thanks.

meanwhile, what the hell is this?

yes, i know the hell it is would be a Duran Duran board game, thanks. what i mean is how can this have existed for close to 30 years and only now is it that i learn of it?

looks crap, if we are honest. i mean this was 1985 or 1986, maybe 1984. Frankie Goes To Hollywood got a futuristic and class Commodore 64 game, whilst Simes and the boys get a traditional parlour game. strange.

anyway, the other parcel. a very nice, exceptionally welcome and greatly appreciated bundle that features some more literature adventures for me to have on the bus, and indeed some truly splendid items that celebrate all things ace and excellent off of South Park.

anyway, returning to this world of healthy Marlboro. they must, i assume, be a healthy version of this much loved product, as there are no warning signs or messages on them at all.

actually Spiros reckons that there is a brief, in passing, suggestion there in French about how one should not "misuse" the product as it would be "naughty". which is not, i think you will agree, the kind of warnings we have seen on this blog over the years.

does it actually say what Spiros says it does? well, yeah, i guess. why would i express distrust in the lad? he has this wish to live a distinctly Parisian life, so i am assuming he knows a lot more of the language than i do, taunt pis and all that.

looky here, look you see, also no warnings on the front or back.

i would be pretty sure that all Marlboro are fine to use anyway. why is it, exactly, that someone would willingly make a product that causes harm? it does not make much sense, man, some business type making a partially addictive thing and exploiting it for their own gain, in particular if it was harmful. surely no corporate organization would operate like that; least of all a Swiss one. the Swiss are known for their honesty, integrity and transparency, after all.

on one TV channel is Danny Dyer, on the other is Dolph Lundgren. that is the Lord of Televsion casting punishment on me for the above statement, isn't it?

anyway, i shall be giving these most latest fags by Spiros a go shortly. presently my efforts to quit / cut down considerably on smoking have, as you are aware, been totally undermined by Vinnie Jones presenting smoking as an integral part of twatting dragons with spears. or harpoons, or whatever it was.

anyway, some flowers.

the more observant of you will have noticed that Spiros seemed to send something else other than class Marlboro to me. indeed he did. two very fine, interesting looking boxes called 'Motives', them being those cannister things for e-cigarettes, or if you like the "business end" of an e-cigarette.

if you are unsure of what a "business end" of anything is, watch any Joe Pesci film that is not him doing that comedy stuff. when he sets about someone with a gun, a spanner, a screwdriver, a pen or a baseball bat, the bit that connects with whoever has displeased his (usually far too sensitive) character is the "business end".

anyway, the e-cigarette "business ends".

i appreciate that these pictures, taken with the blueberry thing, are not the clearest, bit i think you can at the least see that they are called "motives", with one pack being chocolate love and the other pack being cherry surprise. rather unclear is that they have "16mg" written on them. i am unsure as to if this is "16mg" of nicotine or tar, but in either case that would be 50% or so more of either that Marlboro have in them.

to me the idea of sticking any level of nicotine or tar into chocolate or cherry flavoured things is exciting, so i am very much looking forward to having a go with these babies.

it is jolly decent, civil and touching of Spiros to join the ranks of those friends i have around the world that are encouraging my failing attempts to knock on the head all of this smoking business. that my chum Spiros believes the world is better with me in it, with my lungs in relative working order, is a most pleasant compliment to get. aaah.

anyway, that will do for now, methinks. almost time for me to move back into the world of Marlboro thanks to the kindness of Spiros.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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