Wednesday, May 07, 2014

the law of selfie

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well, this is quite sad, dear reader. it has begun. leaders worldwide, many of them who have indulged in this at times, have started the crackdown on us humble selfie enthusiasts. how very sad that this era of darkness, this reign of a worldwide regime of tyranny and oppression, should all kick off as South Africa celebrates 20 years of democracy.

kind of a farewell to the freedom of democracy for selfie fans, look you see.

yes, look as those people queueing to vote. for many hours many waited, putting up with the astonishing inefficiency of the authorities in charge of the election. that it might well have gone faster and smoother if they had employed the South African Post Office - assuming they were not on strike - is surely a cause for concern.

delays to voting stations opening, rival political groups doing the shouty-fighting thing, unlicensed street vendors selling pop to queues of people, officials being forced to resign due to suspicious behaviour and yet the main focus of attention was all on stopping people doing selfies.

i am led to believe that 100 (one hundred) people have been arrested for taking selfies during the election today. what an utter, utter, utter waste of time and resources.

if it takes a super twat to report someone to the police for taking a selfie, it takes a super deluxe uber twat to instruct the police to actually go and arrest the person reported. to put not too fine a point on it, if South Africa was some worry free utopia then they could dick around all they liked with wastes of time like this.

i am sure all these people queueing for hours were delighted to learn of resources being drained from organizing and running the election to attend to the top level matter of people doing selfies.

no, people probably should not have been doing selfies in voting booths. but then again, freedom of speech, yeah? what was being compromised or put at risk by it, exactly? we live in an age where people take selfies at funerals, during minor surgery, whilst attending memorial services for respected world leaders and, indeed, whilst being arrested. it might be "wrong", but if it is doing no harm, let it slide.

i would imagine some people spent a fair amount of time today just reporting random people to the police for doing selfies, then. i know of some that would have drawn up a list, just for the novelty factor.

anyway, best i be careful with my selfie hobby from now on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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