Sunday, June 01, 2014

ice cream, Statham and comics

hi there

cor blimey, it is June and all of that. an exciting month ahead, what with it featuring possibly the last not as corrupt as it could be hosted World Cup, a smart sounding new Kasabian album, an afternoon of listening to at least one Barbs tune and several other June or Juneish things. smart, that is.

to say farewell to May in the most 'farewell May' way that we could, late on yesterday afternoon we decided to stroll around that place which is the most finest of fine places offered by Yorkshire in order to get a superb, above even the most excellent standards of ice cream.

i am led to believe that "peak" is the new buzzword in advertising circles, taking over from things like "aspirations", "solutions" and the recent excitement around "blend". well, if that is in fact the case, then here is where ice cream has reached its astonishing peak.

where is it that the Statham of the Jason reached his peak? hard to say, really. many would argue a good case for Snatch or Lock, Stock, although i will always have a soft spot for his work in the Crank films. few would argue against his most superb, well acted part being in the splendid film The Bank Job, and one must never forget that the films of the Transporter series gave him enough money to beautify his house with as many black and white pictures of himself looking moody as he cared to have.

i am going to go right ahead and presume, without seeing it, that his peak is not this.

yeah, that In The Name Of The King that i saw a trailer for over on Age Of The Dragons turned up yesterday. no, i didn't watch it. got a bit late on last night before i had chance to watch anything and i was rather tired. too tired, at the least, to watch 155 minutes of Statham and Liotta twatting around with swords and magic. i shall look at it at some point and yes, you will hear all about it.

looking at the above it seems that i could probably benefit from a haircut of sorts, or at least the beard being hacked down a bit. which ties in rather nicely with an incident earlier in the day, when i took a non-ice cream involving stroll and bumped into none other than Uncle Colin.

he was, look you see, at the post-business end of a haircut himself, having cycled to here from there, with there being the tropics at which he lives. the village of course has the finest, most sought after and peak barber type facilities in the whole of Yorkshire. such is the demand for their service that they can impose all sorts of conditions on their proposed patrons, with forcing them to cycle for at least 30 minutes before they consider even having a gander at their hair just one of them.

splendid to see you, Uncle Colin, and i was delighted to see that you passed the trials and tests they put in place in order to accept coins of money in exchange for the provision of services.

yeah, this was always going to happen, was it not? after that bout of nostalgia, and indeed discovery, it was unlikely that i was not going to obtain something i had considered, time and again, over the last 31 years or so.

have i ordered one of the two or three that i had, way back then within the caverns of Torquay? i doubt it, but i just do not know, as i cannot recall which editions i had. an absolute bonus if by accident i have, but it does not matter - in fact even better if this one contains some class stories that i have not read before. yes, of course i shall provide a full rundown on whatever it is inside it as and when it lands, dear reader. i will not leave you out of it too much.

and that's about that for this early morning post at the dawn of June. well, go on then, one more ice cream picture for your pleasing views, only this time an attempt to make it one of my more ambitious selfie types of things.

right, off to make merry with the day today. will it involve more ice cream? such things are always possible. there is no intention for it, but that does not mean it will not happen.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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