Saturday, May 10, 2014

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hi there

ok so i guess that i am doing another blog post this weekend. mostly because i got an ace bit of Barbs stuff off of my mate Jonathan, but also because my (considerably) better half felt that my showing off of scrolling text was not all that great. so i will do a bit more here

like this, for instance.

i am working on how you do colour and that, bear with me. to be honest i am not at all sure that scrolling text all over is all that brilliant, but hey, why not. onwards, though, more scrolling action later.

many thanks indeed to my mate Jonathan for sending along this most inspirational quote from Barbs. i think it is something we can all learn from, and your life is already much better just by you reading it.

this has, of course, reminded me of the time i posted something to Barbs, something that i am unaware of getting a response to. it is possible that there was a response, but it is sat languishing in the South African postal system, a system that you will by now be we aware of my thoughts on.

actually, Jonathan and i are thinking of another letter i could send to Barbs, asking her for something in particular. something that is, shall we say, intimate. i pointed out that it was a request that could reasonably lead to arrest, which i followed up with saying we could send the letter anyway, just sign it as being off of Sharpy or someone. a bit of a win-win thing, really. unless you are Sharpy and you don't like the look or the sound of this extradition / rendition thing.  or maybe i could just explain that i have moved and asked if she would not at all mind sending something to me at my new home, as David Cameron has apparently taken a shine to doing. sending stuff to me that is, i am unaware of Daves sending his location details to Barbs.

but let us move on now to things that do not involve Barbs.

although, in truth, i bet the discs that i picked up today would be the sort of thing that Barbs might consider a class double bill of watching. or even she might not, i don't know, maybe Barbs only watches films that Barbs has directed or produced in an executive style.

here, ladies and gents, is what £1.50 of DVD from today looks like. no i didn't go out to spend a specific amount on discs, or with the intent of getting any discs, but this is what happened.

purveyors of quality might be a little bit alarmed to learn that the fine film Fletch cost me 50% less than UFO. some of you might be baffled as to what UFO actually is, unless you have spotted that "and Jean Claude Van Damme" bit just above the title.

UFO cost me £1 which seemed like good business.

i can understand, at this stage, your fears that every blog post i do is now going to feature the magic of scrolling text. all i can say is i promise that i am likely to get bored of it soon, so just bear with it and that for now.

will i be watching either of those films tonight? no. and i think you know why not. it's that night of the year, ladies and gentlemen.


and i really, really like it. a good bit of class, pop music fun it is, and anyone that moans and groans about it should just ignore it. you know, like how Star Wars fans who were upset with the prequels just keep quiet and don't bang on and on about what Lucas should have done, and how they as fans would have made much better films if only a major studio had thought to randomly approach someone off of a fan forum and give them US$1billion to make a movie with.

i am, however, very much looking forward to watching UFO at some point, despite the bad reviews it seems to get on the internet. hang on, let me see if i can do a link in a scroll.....

reviews for UFO / 'Alien Uprising'

class if that works, let me check, yes i think it does. happy reading.

for those that think Jean Claude Van Damme is nothing more than the hallmark of a rubbish film, well, i think that is generally disrespecting the world of Belgian art and specifically not giving credit to the supporting cast here. it's got Sean Pertwee in, who i like. also, though, it has Julian Glover, who is usually in films that are either incomprehensible or rubbish, or even a mix of both. also someone called Sean Brosnan, who might be related to that other Brosnan that did Bond and that. internet suggests he is.

but yeah, 50p for Fletch is the deal of the day. class film, that was and indeed probably is. i for some reason seem to think they keep having a good idea around remaking the film, and then have an even better idea in not making a remake of it. leave it be, please.

it stars Chevy Chase, he who was at the forefront of bringing the Family Truckster to the attention of the world. magnificent car, that, would love to get one. from what i remember, Chevy, the Chevs, did one of them Oscar shows and really upset everyone; an event that saw him become pretty much an outcast in the world of Hollywood. hey ho.

but let us move on

regular readers will be aware of Mr David "Daves" Cameron rather recently posting a letter to my (considerably) better half, encouraging her to vote Conservative. or rather encouraging her to "overlook" how tricky they tried to make it for her to join me in coming home, despite being married for only 10 or so years and all that, and vote for them.

well, Daves decided to send me a letter of my own today, different from the one that they sent to her.

blimey rhymey, with all these fancy different styles Daves is doing, poor Nick is never going to get a go on the office photocopier. that is probably why we have had no Liberal Democrat letters yet.

or maybe Nick is going to visit us in person, as it were, to discuss it all with us. who knows?

how is this for some fancy scrolling, my (considerably) better half? smart, isn't it?

i am not too sure that Nick is allowed so far out of the office to come and do home visits. especially not, in fairness, when it could theoretically see Daves out of a job. well, i will deal with it if he knocks on the door and says "hello, it is Nick out of the Lib Dems here, can i come in for a bit of a chat please?"

but anyway, if for some reason you have a wish to see the actual DVD discs of them films, then here they are for your gazing consideration.

in many respects it is a shame that i only discovered that UFO DVD today, the night of the Eurovision, as i am really rather eager to see just how bad it is. i suppose i could make it a "super late" night by watching it after the Eurovision has finished. yes, i know, i should rather, if i am doing that, use the time to watch a proper, decent film - such as Fletch - but i really do rather like subjecting myself to rubbish.

anyway, that will do, i think. i am pretty sure i have got the class and decent kind of scrolling that my (considerably) better half was expecting in the other post on in this one. no doubt she will let me know if there is some sort of even better one i could be doing.

enjoy the Eurovision, if you are also watching. or, if after the fact, hope you enjoyed it as much as i will be!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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