Friday, May 16, 2014

miracle of the SABC

hi there

wow. once in a while you get a mail that leaves you speechless and stumped. today for me was once in a while.

as regular readers who follow might recall, i cancelled by SABC TV Licence before i left South Africa. well, at the least, i sent a letter saying it should be cancelled as i was leaving.  this was in December of the year 2013. nothing actually happened, and thus i assumed that it had simply got lost in the post and they had "misplaced" the scanned copy i sent.

well, when i say "nothing happened", they of course continued to debit my account. i kind of ignored it, figuring my R20 or so a month would help my friends watch Generations of whatever, assuming they would simply go away when i closed my accs.

then this arrived today.

yep, so they did get my letter. and have responded to it some 5 months later.

as i said, speechless and stumped.

so, 5 months after i tell them "i am gone, bye bye, cancel it", they send me the form for cancelling it. wow. yes, here you go, here is the form for your use and entertainment, if you need to do the same here you go.

you should be able to save the above, print it, fill it out and send it.

i wonder if Rejoice Lunga is the one that has hairdressing diplomas, now that i think. there was some news a while ago, i believe shared here, about them finding most of the people working at the SABC had no qualifications to do so. that is, i appreciate, hard to believe in the light of the spectacular service display shown here.

let me go and print this form, then, fill it in and send it off. i am still, at this stage, undecided if i am to fill it in as they suggest i do, or if i am simply going to write "GO F*** YOURSELVES" over it in crayon and post it to them.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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