Tuesday, May 06, 2014

hospital, jedi and shed

hi there

yeah, i am pretty baffled as to how it is i can do a full day (and an actual full day) at verk and yet still have the interest in doing an update here. especially as my day is pretty much doing this, only somewhat more professional, using capital (or capitol if you want) letters and that.

as my Aunty (no, not that one, the other one) has a great deal of enthusiasm for taking me off to that James Cook University Hospital on a weekend i thought that some of you might for some reason want to see a picture of it. the idea of picturing me bombing in and out of it in the car, a car my Gran has decided is called Bessie, by the way, is presumably enhanced by a glimpse of it.

so, from the back of the bus, here you go.

yes, that is the shadow of the bus what i was on you can see. and indeed yes they are rain clouds on what was otherwise a lovely, reasonably warm day.

as wonderful and class as it is to be able to indulge my Aunt's wishes to just pop in there on weekends, i might well be persuaded to allow my (considerably) better half to have a go at going there and back one of these days instead. it is wrong, somewhat morally, of me to deny her the opportunity to explore and see.

not that i mind, far from it. but as i am likely to damage myself at some point it probably is rather wise she knows where it all is. especially as they have a rather elaborate and unusual maze system on the go in respect of parking arrangements.

i was on the bus, mostly reading, for reasons of returning home from verk. and for those of you wanting to know how all that is going, well, here is how i beautified my "work station hub" today.

no, not the duck thing painting or the class Windows wallpaper, the Qui-Gon of the much loved film Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace that i have super-glued to the monitor. after buying it as sneakily as i could and sneaking it past the boys, who would have wanted to keep it, look you see.

everyone has one of these sort of characters on their desk, like, so i thought i had best do the same to fit in. also, it is as cool as it is class to glue Star Wars figures to monitors. once i had Anakin and Obi-Wan on a monitor at home. 

i know, i know. recalling some of my escapades at verk in the past, a lot of you are wondering about, indeed hoping for, some class updates of me with people at work showing off mugs, lighters and all that sort of thing. well, patience. i didn't get up to that sort of nonsense from day one in my last job. well, actually i did, but i sort of waited 8 - 9 years before documenting it all and putting it on here. as the time i have been in my new job is barely out of being measured in hours and can be sort of counted reasonably in days, i do not think you, i or most importantly they are ready for it, really. plus i have no new mug, and i am supposed to not have new lighters because of all that quitting / cutting down considerably smoking thing.

something that you are all enthusiastic about and i can share here with you is what Spiros is up to. Spiros has bought a new shed, or if you like semi-shed, to go with the existing shed facilities in his house in Essex or wherever it is he lives now. Kent, probably, or maybe Cheltenham. much of his life says "Cheltenham", so that's probably right.

yes, that's lovely Spiros, and it very much has "Spiros chose that" written all over it. the owl in particular is a really nice touch.

i am hoping to visit this shed, the members of Spiros' family that i actually like, the people who live near him and i suppose Spiros too at some point. so i had probably better work out exactly just where it is that him and this shed are.

anyway, too tired to do more, so bye bye now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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