Friday, May 16, 2014

cricket and club bongo

hey there

well, what better thing to do after a 12 hour day away and around at verk than to skip eating and go straight for a walk to spend two or so hours in a field? no, there is no better thing at all, really, had a lovely time of it. as did quite a few of us.

as 'tis spring, borderline summer here, look you see. as this is England that means only one thing - cricket. lots and lots of cricket. yes, it is true, wherever there is a village here, then there is cricket. it is how the world should be.

it would have been nice to have had at least a cup of tea or something before we went, you know, if anyone reading this cares, but hey ho, off we went.

the news has reliably informed me that today is the hottest day of the year. i imagine they intended to qualify this with the words "so far" but dropped that part for editorial reasons. it was a lovely day, mind. the reason i mention this is that the skies, via the magic of my blueberry camera, seem a good deal greyer in these images than it actually was.

and a rather brisk lovely evening it was too. which was handy, since we had no jackets on and were were out until, oh, 8:30 or so.

yes, that's young William running wild in the fields. actually, for history fans, the field that used to belong to the school that are now flats or something, but we used when we were kids anyway. now all kids can use it.

there were a lot more children there doing football and cricket and that, of course, but William and i went on an adventure whilst they all got on with it.

the idea was to sort of tire him out a bit, you know, so we could sleep and that tomorrow, this being weekend and everything. it took several runs around the fields, but i think we got there with him, going on how soundly he is sleeping right now.

to take a quick break.......


i have no idea at all as to why my blog has become some sort of conduit or reporting mechanism for the Bongo. actually i do. i sort of mentioned it in passing once or twice and now a few of my friends - Spiros, bless him, in particular - think it is the best thing ever.

here, then, is a poster for an upcoming event or, if you like "gig". next weekend, by the looks of the date on the poster. no, i will not be going myself, i think i am far too old for such things. and the buses stop at 6pm, right, and i do not think it is a good idea at all to try and drive one of them car things after you have been in the Bongo. not with the Police building being so close to it. yeah, Payney probably will be going to this party thing, but he won't tell anyone about it and he will deny everything after the fact.

i think the Bongo should probably set up their own webpage or something for this sort of thing, but in the mean time i am happy to pass on info like this to "the kids".

right, back to other things, and teaching William the simple joys of dandelion blowing. actually, i thought i had done this today, but as it turns out he was already well versed in the art of it, my (considerably) better half showing him earlier in the week.

anyway, the important element is that he enjoys it, and seems quite thrilled that he is allowed to grab flowers and blow on them without being told off.

at least i think he is. blowing dandelions is as English, possibly British, as cream scones, cricket and classy lasting legacies from the colonial era. if they had made a law against doing it, that Cameron bloke, or Brown if he did it, would have been punched in the face by now.

anyway, as the blueberry is all cleaned up and has space for such luxuries as video, here is a video of William displaying his deft skills at dandelion blowing.

yes, family around the world, yes this is the same video i sent you on the email thing.

i appreciate there has not been all that much cricket in this blog post. sorry for that; was having too much fun wandering around with William to take too many pictures. actually, no pictures. James was having fun playing the game he loves with his friends, that's all. not everything in this world requires a picture.

but yes i did take more pictures of William. you can sort of make out some class cricket action in the background.

yes i know they are football posts in the background, right, but the adult team had a match on the go at the cricket pitch, so the kids all moved to the football field.

who won the adult cricket game? any time the game of cricket is played, cricket and Yorkshire are the winners.

and here's a picture of William with my (considerably) better half going off to inspect another field.

William quite liked walking along this one above because just up by the hedges, right, were a lot of feathers. as in feathers that a bird did not lose without giving one tremendous fight about it. what beast won? no idea.

oh go on then, James in a sort of cricket related picture for you, since i mentioned cricket in the title of this post. flying balls, eh?

he did, as i think i mentioned, have a really good time this afternoon, and made it very clear that we are doing this every week. which will be class later in the year, when it snows and that.


during a break at verk today i had the pleasure of hearing a band do one of them "sound check" things at the Bongo. i thought it might be a good time to take a video of it for you all. well, when i say you all, i obviously mean all those all so enthusiastic about the Bongo.

yeah, that didn't work, did it? the wind and that stopped the sound of the sound check being picked up properly by the microphone thing on the blueberry. still, now you have an idea of what it is like to stand outside the place, swaying and unsteady on your feet.

anyway, a long and lovely day, but i am tired. here's probably what young William is dreaming of doing right now, soon i will discover what i dream of.

looks and sounds like quite a busy weekend ahead of me, so best i get some of this sleep business on the go!

hope your Friday was as ace as mine, ours, has been!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



the child of the condiment phoenix says that Club Bongo International have a facebook page for the kids. off you go to it, kids, enjoy.

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