Thursday, September 19, 2013

the world as we know it is coming to an end because the iTwat update is taking exactly as long as the iTwat makers said it would horror shock

hi there

it's no secret that i am no fan of the iTwat, in particular the phone variation, but i will do my best to be fair with this one. that said, if you are as tired of seeing this picture as i am, you will no doubt get what i am saying between the lines. or explicitly stating.

right now, and indeed for the last, shall we say, 12 hours, this image has been the most dominant one posted on the internet. it appears everywhere that has a "social network" function and is, i would imagine, more visible and easier to find that pornographic images, which takes quite some doing.

what to say or do except to write, as i think the kids do, #sigh or *sigh*. in a rare, unusual and i really hope one off instance, i kind of defend Apple here. i do not like them and i limit my involvement with their products as far as i can, but even me, your humble narrator, has not missed the press releases and advice given by them that the "roll out" of their "brilliant new operating system" is being rolled out in stages to accomodate the large number of users / pathetic limitations in Apple's network. this of course has been ignored.

i understand the "right now" generation do not understand patience beyond their parents playing the Guns N Roses song of the same name, but perhaps they should use them. i dare say all iTwats will be updated with just whatever the hell this is by the end of today. it's the anxiety behind it that is a bit of a mystery.

i mean, hang on - if you are using an iTwat, mostly probably to send messages that say little beyond "i have sent this from my iTwat", then surely you are happy with it as is, yeah? the operating system ("OS" indeed) should be fine as it is then, the new one a bonus, not essential? if it's the case that you really don't like the device, and have ended up with it after being persuaded by certain morons in the press and on social networks that it is the best thing ever and you need it to be "hip", "down with where it's at" or whatever, then you might be in for a surprise of the unpleasant kind if you think a new "OS" is all of a sudden going to make you happy you paid for it.

whilst you are waiting for this all important download to save the world and make your life much, much better than it already is and even better than anyone who does not own an iTwat,  why not be constructive and use the time to sign my class Stone Roses petition please? i promise you their cover of Jump Into The Fire will sound awesome on an iTwat, and will no doubt be recorded to harness and maximise the great, great benefits of this sensational, brilliant new "OS" thing, whatever it actually is.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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