Thursday, September 26, 2013

Chelsea banners get bigger horror shock

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well, what can i say. the evolution of lifelong Chelsea fans fascinates me, it really does. some of the fans have been lifelong supporters of Chelsea for just over 10 years now, which is incredibly impressive and does show what a bit of money can do. poor Blackburn Rovers only had an influx of lifelong fans for a year or so, by comparison.

the dedication, loyalty and decade-spanning lifelong love affair can of course be seen in the amazing, creative and versatile banners the fans have taken a shine to waving at the games. these of course came into their own last season. observe.

yes, that brave chap, discarding his club-provided plastic flag, started something of a trend for bringing A4 banners to the games. no other club had fans with the vision to think to bring in A4 print outs to their grounds, in particular showing off their displeasure.

the genius, of course, resides in the fact that they are careful not to upset he who has thrown loads of money at the club, an investment which reminded several tens of thousands of people that they have in fact loved Chelsea all along. the fans simply demanded that the coach, a gent who won them a trophy and guaranteed them Champions League football next season (as has been their "rightful place" for some 7 years), be removed and the one who was not doing ever so well be brought back in. not a word spoken against the chap who does the hiring and firing, of course.

i can only assume these lifelong fans remembered that Chelsea's traditional place in the world of football was, before money came along, mid-table obscurity. chasing Benitez out and hoping for Di Matteo to return must have been some sort of cry to return to that traditional place.

note i say fans - yes, the idea of A4 banners to express mild displeasure spread, and many fans could be seen showing off their deft skills with formatting an MS Word document to print landscape.

that's some fancy printers they have in the Chelsea heartland!

of course, the fans got their way, and Rafa, after winning a trophy and getting them higher up the league than looked likely after the genius of Di Matteo had not got as many points had hoped, left. oddly the fans did not get Di Matteo back as they wanted, but got Jose Mourinho back instead.

it seems that, presumably as he has not won any trophies in the 8 or 10 games since he has been appointed, the fans are already unhappy about this. just look at the size of the banners they bring to games now!

blimey, that is massive! i have no doubt that Jose will have seen this and we shall see Mata, the player of the year for the last two years, be reinstated to the team at once. if he does not do this, then no doubt we shall all see the return of that thing the Chelsea fans did which involved clapping at the 16 minute mark of a match, apparently to show off how much they miss Roberto Di Matteo.

will the immense displeasure that the lifelong fans have stretch to the owner and investor of the club, i wonder? if he keeps hiring the wrong man, then surely he is the one they want to target? i mean, if this lifelong love of Chelsea is real, then it would not matter if Mr Abramovich removed himself and his money from the club, they would all still love it and not just head to Fulham or Spurs, yeah?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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